How to Keep Insects Away While Camping

Jeff Adams
Written by

There's not much that can compare to the beauty and relaxation of a camping trip. It's the very essence of living the outdoor life. 

One thing that can negatively affect the trip, however, is the presence of unwanted neighbors. No, not the noisy group of campers near your site, but those pesky insects.

When it comes to the outdoors, the plain truth is: anytime you go camping, you're in the insects' territory—not yours. And in many cases, these pests can be far more than just an annoyance. They can cause itchy bites, allergic reactions, ruin food, and even spread serious diseases.

Choose the Right Location

Experienced campers and outdoors enthusiasts know that insects like to gather around stagnant or slow-moving water, especially in sheltered, low lying areas. If you camp in warm, moist climates, your best bet is to take the high ground—preferably a hillside. 

Sure, that flat, grassy meadow looks inviting, but it increases the likelihood of standing water (and a cloud of uninvited guests) being close by your campsite. Although it sounds great to have your tent or RV just a few steps from a fishing hole, the price you might pay in bug bites can quickly diminish things.

Thick bushy woods and deep grass are also places where insects like to hang out. Avoid camping near flowering trees, shrubs and plants as they attract pests that aren't necessarily after you. Trash cans (even with lids), garbage dumpsters, recycling bins and outdoor toilets can also lure insects through your site in their search for food.

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