5 Ways to Beat Insect Bites

Nothing spoils your outside fun quite as successfully as mosquitos. Or greenheads, black flies, gnats, noseeums...the list goes on, depending on your locale.  And, even the smallest insect bite can be itchy and uncomfortable. 

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So what really works to avoid insect bites? Some insist that the biggest, most popular brands of sprays are simply useless. Other outdoors folks, like Jon Marquez from the Rancho Cucamunga Bass Pro Shop, suggest that "anything with DEET or a DEET replacement works the best." He suggests Max Deet, Repel and Sawyer, for a DEET replacement.

Others have tried everything and choose to employ a combo of methods. Here are five products and approaches for avoiding insect bites.

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These lanterns and appliances contain a saturated mat of mosquito repellent that slowly vaporizes and releases into the air. These are great for decks and campsites to supplement standard bug spray.

Skin So Soft

It isn't sold as insect repellent—it's actually a skin moisturizer. However, it's commonly known as a way to ward off insect bites. If you don't like the scent of standard bug spray, this may be a safe bet.

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The two greatest things about this product: It comes in a roll-on as well as a spray and it actually works. Unfortunately, it's an Australian product and can only be bought online.


Citronella candles and torches are not only a way to ward off insect bites, but they look great at your campsite, too. However, don't count on this method alone. Supplement with body spray to stay totally bug free. 


Smoke is a great method to ward off insect bites. Take advantage of this as an extra layer of protection.

Don't let insect bites ruin your camping trip. Whether you rely on one product or a variety of them, a bite-free weekend is a good weekend. 

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