How to Avoid Bugs While Camping

Whether you are a new or experienced camper, you can't avoid the bugs! Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid insects and other critters from spoiling your outdoor experience.

Bee Sting Remedy
Mix common powdered meat tenderizer and water on to the palm of your hand to make a paste. Apply liberally to the area of the sting as soon as possible. The relief is almost instant.
Submitted By: Jay Brooks

Keep the Bugs Away
Put citronella-scented tea lights in jelly jars and scatter them throughout your campsite. It looks beautiful and helps keep the bugs away.
Submitted By: Nancy Low

How to Avoid some Bugs
These are some tips I learned while camping as a kid. Avoid using scented fragrances and wear long sleeve shirts to avoid those unwanted bug bites. Also, stay away from wet, grassy areas and keep cool since bugs are attracted to moisture.
Submitted By: Anthony Pelucci

Outsmart the Bee
I have been camping all over California and I always have the same problem! While I grill or eat my meal, 20 or so bees pay me a visit. Here is what helps: place a large bowl of water and soap off to the side of where you are cooking or eating.  Create a teepee by tying the ends of 3 long sticks together and tie a chunk of raw beef to a string that hovers over the bowl.  The bees will fly towards the beef chunk but usually miss and end up in the water.  Whatever lucky ones do land on the meat, are at least not bothering you.
Submitted By: Melina Bozorgmehr

Mosquito Bite Remedy
Make a paste from dirt and a little bit of water and apply to a mosquito bite. The relief is instant and it helps keep the area from swelling.
Submitted By: Rosemary Pacheco

Keep Critters out of the Campsite
To keep pesky woodland critters out of your campsite kitchen, store your gear, pots, utensils, packaged foods and anything else in large plastic storage boxes and secure them to a picnic table or other sturdy structure. Not only does this keep out the raccoons and their assorted colleagues, but it also keeps the contents of the boxes dry from the morning dew or rain and provides a handy way to transport goods from the car to camp.
Submitted By: Susan Moor

Avoid Raccoons, Keep your Food Safe!
Raccoons and many other animals could visit your campsite while you are sleeping or off on a hike, so you need to safeguard your area. This can be a very unpleasant situation if you are not prepared, as you can be left without food and a big mess to clean. Before you go to sleep or leave your campsite, make sure you do the following: clear your picnic table, ensure no food traces are left and bring your garbage bag to the park's enclosed bin.  Remember never to keep food in your tent as most tents are made of very thin material and are no match for a raccoon's teeth and claws. You should always read the park provided materials or speak with park management regarding such issues, as some parks will have unique guidelines regarding garbage and local wildlife.
Submitted By: Andrea Lara


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