8 Tips for Camping Organization

Camping organization is no small feat; between tents, gear, and food—staying organized is a task to work at. Take a swing at it with tips from these camping veterans.

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At the end of the season I clean and pack all my gear into large plastic totes. On the lid, I stick a sandwich Ziploc bag with a detailed list of all the contents written clearly on a card inside. I can see what's inside at a glance and I know it's clean and ready to go. This is a good way to ensure I don't forget anything and if I want to go camping on impulse I just grab the tote, pick up my tent and go.

Submitted By: Juliet Gill

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Keep a Camping Log

We start out by recording the time and mileage between our house and the campsite. I usually include a description, what we liked or disliked about the property and take a photograph to help us remember the grounds. This helps us to keep organized when we decide to reserve our next camping trip.

Submitted By: Joyce Johnson

Make a Storage Area

Make a drawing of the storage areas in your RV or camper and list the contents of each area so you can see at a glance where all the items are stored. Update the list as you add or delete equipment.

Submitted By: Rosemary McLain

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Coffee Cans for Camping Organization

Use an empty coffee container to store plastic bags that can be used to collect trash. I also drill holes in the bottom of cans and stick the shaft of my screwdrivers inside. It keeps them organized and all in one place.

Submitted By: Dale Hellman

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