10 Must Have Festival Camping Supplies

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When you're excited about going on your favorite festival camping trip, it's easy to forget the essentials. But, missing important items like sun protection, water bottles and sanitary wipes can put a wrench in your weekend of fun. Keep this list close as you prep for your trip.

Easy-to-Carry Water Bottles

Hydration is key during a long festival weekend. Bring a water bottle that you won't leave on the ground because it's a pain to carry. Better yet, bring a hydration pack so both of your hands are free for dancing and cheering.

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Sun Protection

During a weekend of festival camping, sun block and a hat are invaluable items.

A Daypack

You need water, snacks, sunscreen, and more during a festival day. Yet, at a large venue, getting back and forth between the stages and your tent is especially difficult. Bring a small daypack to ensure you have all the necessities for a whole day away from camp.

Sanitary Wipes

Long lines for the bathrooms means it will be difficult to get in, even just to wash your hands and feet. And, if you've been festival camping before, you know how dirty it can get. Bring sanitary wipes, whether it's a box of baby wipes or a single pack of Wet Ones, so you don't have to miss your favorite band just to wash up.

Easy-to-Carry Snacks

When you're walking around all day, you need something that's easy to eat. Don't rely on vendors with long lines and limited food options; instead, put granola bars, dried fruit and nuts in your backpack.

Sleeping Pad

Long days of walking and dancing means a comfortable place to get much-needed rest is necessary. Bring a sleeping pad or blow up mattress to make sure you're ready to rock each morning.

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Pop-Up Shelter

Oftentimes, festival camping happens on the side of a mountain or in the middle of a meadow, which means there's minimal shade. Protect yourself and your coolers from the sun with a pop-up shelter.

All-Weather Gear

In an outdoor venue, it's important to plan for rain. Even if the forecast calls for clear skies and sunny afternoons, bring a rain jacket and umbrella. If bad weather does strike you won't need to retreat to your tent.


When you're not watching a band, keep the vibe going back at camp. With a set of speakers you can bypass the shows you don't want to see and still have a good time in the tent area.


Flashlights, cameras and speakers are necessary for a successful festival camping trip. Don't get stuck without an extra set of batteries to run them, and always bring more than you think you'll need, just in case.

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