Are You Ready for Summer Camping?

Your gear has been packed away all winter just waiting for warmer weather. With summer just weeks away, it's time to dust off that gear and embark on a camping adventure.

Before you pack up and head out, you need to make sure all of your supplies and equipment are still working and in useable condition.

Here are a few steps you don't want to forget.

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Check Your Sleeping Gear  

Set up your tent at home and check for tears, broken poles or missing parts well before your first trip so if you do find a problem, you'll have time to fix it or order replacement parts. Don't forget to check your new tent too. The same goes for your sleeping pad or air mattress—blow it up ahead of time to check for leaks.

If you want to clean your tent, use cold water, a soft sponge, and a non-detergent soap. Opt for a tent cleaning solution, which is free of fragrances that could damage the water-repellent coating. Spot clean any dirty places and set up somewhere to dry thoroughly.

Refill Your Camping Bin and First Aid Kit

Replenish your supply of camping snacks and simple staples, especially matches and other fire starters. Don't forget to refill your first aid kit and check that medicines haven't expired. Check your supply of sunscreen and bug repellent, and that your multi-tool is in an accessible place.  

Check Your Car

Your car should always be in drivable condition, but it's especially important if you're getting ready for summer camping in remote areas, where extra brake fluid or a spare battery won't be readily available.

Inspect fluid levels, tire pressure, the battery, and stick a few extra necessities—food, water, and blankets—in the trunk, in case of an emergency. If your car isn't sporting these already, consider adding wind deflectors if you plan on car camping a lot. These allow for the window to be rolled down a few inches for ventilation without letting in any rain or debris.

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