Her Story: Yvonne Krause, An Eco Athlete

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Yvonne Krause
Seattle, Washington

Sports: Triathlon, off-road triathlon, mountain biking, soccer, snow skiing, trail running, surfing, squash, tennis

Age: 34

Job: Green building consultant

How I got started in sports: My grandfather taught me to ski before I turned 3 years old. He'd take me to Austria for the winter. My parents encouraged me to use sports as a way to explore the world and meet people.

Athletic highlights: Winning my age group in the 2006 XTERRA Europe Series; playing for a German tennis club and traveling all over the world.

Most challenging race: The Cascade Cream Puff, a 100-mile mountain bike race in Oregon. I hit the wall, but was able to work through an incredibly tough 11-mile climb. Unfortunately, I still didn't make the cut-off time for the last lap, so I had to stop at 85 miles, after 13 hours in the seat and over 15,000 feet of climbing. Now I have a reason to go back next year!

Athletic goals: Merging my athletic experiences with efforts to bring sustainability initiatives to the sports industry. And competing until I'm old and gray.

My mission: I founded a Web site called ecoathlete.org with friend Brandyn Roarke Gray. We focus on highlighting gear made of natural or recycled materials, or otherwise ecologically sound and sustainable products. We also provide training tips to help reduce the ecological footprint of both athletes and athletic events. Currently, we're collecting swim caps and working with a company to turn them into flip-flops. I also founded the XTERRA Eco Team to initiate ecological restoration projects around race venues.

My inspiration: Age groupers who have overcome incredible challenges and older athletes who are still going strong, like my friend XTERRA world champion Barbara Peterson.

A day in the life: I don't follow a specific training routine. My training consists of bike commutes to work (11 miles round-trip), a long trail run or mountain bike ride on the weekend, perhaps running home from work sometimes, and swimming with a Masters group at least twice a week.

Fear factor: Bungee jumping is by far the scariest thing I've ever done. Nothing tops the feeling I had when I was about to step off the bridge and dive down headfirst.

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