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Sports Drink Myths Debunked

From caffeinated sports drinks to coconut water, learn the facts about various sports drinks and decide which one is right for you.

Healthy Shopping List Tips for Busy Athletes

Shopping for healthy, fresh ingredients doesn't have to be a task. This guide will help you narrow in on the healthiest products at the grocery store.

Healthy Trail Mix for Endurance Athletes

Put down that energy bar that's loaded with sugar, calories and fat, and pick up this healthy trail mix. It's easy to make and loaded with nutritious

What is Visceral Fat and Other Fat Facts

New research indicates that fat is a multifaceted substance and behaves differently on different parts of the body. Learn the dangers of visceral fat

9 Natural Foods to Beware

It's one of the most popular label claims around, but there are some surprising ingredients lurking in your "allnatural" health foods.

What Makes a Good Sports Drink?

With all of the varieties of sports beverages on the shelf, it can be confusing on what to look for. Electrolytes, carbohydrates and flavoring are the


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