The 8 Best Vitamin Brands in 2023

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As the world returns to its normal operations, people are prioritizing their immune systems and health more than ever before. When it comes to peak health and wellness, it's essential to ensure the body has what it needs to be at its best. The nutrients that the body doesn't naturally produce, such as vitamin C, need to be derived from the foods we eat. The challenge is that modern diets often lack adequate amounts of what we need, leaving our bodies nutrient deficient and more susceptible to illness and disease.

    The Best Vitamin Brands - Our Top Picks

    To solve this problem, many people are turning to vitamin supplements to shore up any nutrient gaps and boost their energy levels. With sales estimated to surpass 37 billion dollars in 2023, there's been an explosion in the number of supplement companies to choose from. Deciding on the best vitamin brands can be a challenge.

    In order to help our readers, the team here at ACTIVE has researched hundreds of brands to find the best vitamin brands currently on the market. We've leveraged our collective experience in health, performance, and fitness to develop criteria to determine which brands will benefit our readers best.

    Why Trust Us?

    The health and safety of ACTIVE's readers is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure your well-being when consuming dietary supplements, the editorial team prioritizes products that are independently tested by a third party. We've consulted with a team of nutritionists and dietitians to ensure the products we feature are of the highest standard. This helps us create the most accurate, authentic review content for our readers.

    Best Overall Vitamin Brand - Ritual



    • Vitamin forms: Delayed release capsules, powder
    • Certifications: Certified B Corporation, USP Verified, Informed Sport, Non GMO Project Verified


    Even though the race was tight between several strong contenders, our team ultimately decided on Ritual for a few reasons. Founded in 2016, they are certified by some of the most reputable oversight organizations in the food and supplement industry. We believe certifications help keep brands accountable. In order to hold these distinctions, Ritual had to hold its entire manufacturing pipeline to a stringent set of standards and open itself up to rigorous testing on a regular basis. Samples of their products are routinely tested for purity at third-party labs.

    While other brands are transparent about their ingredients, Ritual takes things to another level by making their ingredients "traceable." With this practice, customers can see the journey of each ingredient from harvest to the bottle.

    Ritual shares its sources, studies, and suppliers, resulting in the most visible supply chain of its kind. It's a level of transparency that is refreshing in a world of proprietary blends, which other products frequently hide behind.

    Our team was also impressed by their nutrient delivery system. Delayed-release capsules suspend nutrients in an oil solution that promotes maximum absorption by the body. Ritual is dedicated to educating its users on the vitamins they are taking. Their website has a robust ingredient library explaining the power and science behind all their formulations.

    Most impressive is Ritual's dedication to science-backed formulations and dosages. Every product on their website has corresponding research and clinical studies to back it up. Their formulations are tailored to help people at every age and stage.

    What We Like

    • Vegan and allergen-free
    • Traceable ingredients
    • Multiple prestigious certifications
    • Science-backed formulations
    • Variety to meet multiple needs

    What We Don't Like

    • More expensive than most competitors
    • Shipping can be slow

    BUY: Ritual

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    Best Budget Vitamin Brand - Nature Made

    nature made


    • Vitamin forms: Various—softgels, capsules, tablets, powder, gummies, etc.
    • Certifications: USP Verified


    Vitamins don't need to be expensive to be effective. We chose Nature Made as the best budget vitamin brand because of its commitment to solid formulations and quality ingredients at an accessible price. While it's the most affordable of top brands, it is also the top recommended line of supplements by pharmacists.

    Boasting over 50 years of experience, Nature Made reduces costs through decades of refining its supply chain and manufacturing processes and passing that value on to its customers. Most famous for their single-ingredient supplements, they also have a host of powerful formulations that synergize the benefits of several components.

    Their fish oil capsules and vitamin D3 are the most popular products they offer. Our team appreciated the easy open, flip-top lids that accompany many of their products, making taking supplements throughout the day a little easier.

    Most brands at this price point are void of reputable certifications. Nature Made has held some of the most prestigious certifications consistently for decades. From its ingredients to superb customer support, Nature Made is the best budget vitamin brand on the market.

    What We Like

    • Clean packaging, fast shipping, and easy returns
    • Budget-friendly
    • Great user reviews
    • Pharmacist recommended
    • Long track record of excellence

    What We Don't Like

    • Few blends or combinations
    • Inconsistent bottling

    BUY: Nature Made

    Best Prenatal Vitamin Brand - eVitamins



    • Vitamin forms: Various—softgels, tablets, chewable tablets, gummies, lozenges, liquid, etc.
    • Certifications: Varies based on brand


    We had to take a different approach to the best prenatal vitamin brand. Why? Because the best prenatal vitamin will vary from woman to woman. Some people may find swallowing a pill nauseating. Others may not be compatible with a certain formulation because of the high iron content. A wide range of prenatal vitamins accommodates nearly any situation or challenge. Rather than recommending a specific brand, we chose an online retailer with a curated list of only the finest prenatal vitamins and supplements.

    For many years, certified non-GMO retailer eVitamins has been a pioneer in the online supplement space. With such a track record, their team is considered to be the most proficient at recommending the best prenatal vitamins for your unique situation. We were impressed by how responsive their customer service was. Shipping from eVitamins was a lot faster than other online retailers we examined.

    With that said, some prenatal vitamins that impress us are from Garden of Life and Nordic Naturals. It's always best to consult your doctor before taking supplements while pregnant.

    What We Like

    • Wide selection to choose from
    • Fast shipping
    • Great customer support and advice
    • Fairly priced

    What We Don't Like

    • Returns can take a long time to process
    • Some products are frequently out of stock

    BUY: eVitamins

    Best Vitamin Brand for Kids - L'il Critters

    lil critters


    • Vitamin forms: Gummy
    • Certifications: USDA certified organic


    They're cute and they're fun. L'il Critters takes the cake as the best vitamin brand for kids. Factors such as taste and delivery mechanisms are important for kids' vitamins. Having something that tastes bad can result in hours of arguing and temper tantrums.

    We appreciate this brand's commitment to developing strong products with great taste. Hundreds of reviewers stated how their children enjoyed the taste. One reviewer shared that it is the only flavor of supplements her children will take.

    Exclusively designed for children, all of their products are gummies in different shapes and characters to increase child interest and fun. L'il Critters ensures that all their gummies are appropriately sized to accommodate young children. Some other vitamin brands will make their gummies too small, potentially becoming a choking hazard.

    These vitamins are also extremely affordable. Their Gummy Vites multivitamin is nearly 40% less expensive than many competitors. Their partnership with several kids' cartoons and characters can make taking vitamins less of a chore and more engaging for children.

    Keep in mind that these gummies are very sensitive to heat. Try to avoid leaving them in the car or direct sunlight for long periods of time.

    What We Like

    • Great taste, gummy delivery mechanism
    • Fun designs and shapes to engage children
    • Budget friendly
    • Appropriate formulations and concentration, easy dosing instructions
    • No artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, high fructose corn syrup, or gluten

    What We Don't Like

    • Melt very easily
    • Customer support can be hard to get a hold of

    BUY: L'il Critters

    Best Gummy Vitamin Brand - First Day

    first day


    • Vitamin forms: Gummy
    • Certifications: GMP Certified, Non-GMO Verified


    Regardless of how old you are, gummies are always a fun and efficient way to take your vitamins. Of all the gummy vitamin brands out there, our team selected First Day as our brand of choice. While other competitors use gummies as an excuse to under-dose and use inferior ingredients, First Day uses the best ingredients at high concentrations and delivers them in a potent gummy.

    Looking at their website, you will see specific formulations for men, women, teens, and children. Gelatin-free, these gummies are vegan-friendly, allergen-free, and certified organic. None of their supplements use artificial flavors and are 80% lower in sugar than other gummy vitamins. A lot of reviewers were impressed by how great tasting these gummies were.

    As a direct-to-consumer brand, First Day provides some hefty subscriptions and saves discounts with flexible adjustments for shipping. While they are on the pricier side, our team is confident that it delivers tremendous value and justifies the cost. Although not in gummy form, many people have reported significant results with First Day's joint support product, as well.

    What We Like

    • Great flavor profile
    • Tailored to men, women, teens and kids
    • Non-GMO, vegan, free of artificial flavors
    • Auto-ship savings
    • Great packaging and easy dosing
    • High concentration of nutrients in every gummy

    What We Don't Like

    • Popular joint support supplement not available in gummy form
    • More expensive option

    BUY: First Day

    Best Multivitamin Brand - Onnit



    • Vitamin forms: Capsules, tablets, liquid
    • Certifications: LGC Informed Sport Certified, BSCG Certified Drug Free


    Onnit is one of the most recognized brands in the vitamin industry. From its cutting-edge ingredients to the science-backed formulations, Onnit has become a major player in total performance supplements. As opposed to other multivitamins that come in one or two pills, this company allows you to customize your multivitamin routine by providing dozens of high-potency components. Think of it as a plug-and-play option.

    Onnit provides full-spectrum supplementation using a combination of highly potent, specialized products. For example, people who want an added mental boost may combine Onnit's Key Minerals with a dose of Alpha Brain.

    In recent years, they've taken strides to deliver their powerful assortment of vitamins in more convenient ways. Taking vitamins consistently can be a hassle. To fix this, Onnit has started selling AM and PM Total Human vitamin packs. Rather than opening a dozen bottles throughout the day, you receive every vitamin you need in a simple tear-away packet.

    The reason for Onnit's success has been its own unique philosophy on fitness, wellness, and nutrition. Their website is full of articles and resources to show customers how to incorporate their products for maximum results. They are one of the few supplement brands to offer its own fitness certification.

    This range of products is all science-backed with ethically sourced ingredients. Many users notice results within a few weeks of taking them. Be aware they want you to sign up for their auto-ship program and price accordingly. You can always cancel your subscription at any time.

    What We Like

    • Potent, cutting edge ingredients
    • Plug-n-Play approach let people tailor their multivitamin
    • Great customer support & easy returns
    • Easy to swallow pills and tablets
    • Total Human vitamin packs are very convenient

    What We Don't Like

    • Expensive
    • Shipping can be slow

    BUY: Onnit

    Best Allergy-Friendly Vitamin Brand - Ritual



    • Vitamin forms: Delayed release capsule, powder
    • Certifications: Certified B Corporation, USP Verified, Informed Sport, Non GMO Project Verified


    Ritual tops our list as the best allergy-friendly vitamin brand on the market. The rest of the field wasn't even close. Ritual isn't just marketing hype—they've done the work to create the most robust, transparent manufacturing pipeline in existence.

    Their traceability practices allow you to see exactly where the ingredients in their supplements come from. Meticulous manufacturing practices ensure that all of their products are allergen-free and avoid any form of contamination. We were impressed by the number of certifications Ritual has acquired. It demonstrates a firm commitment to accountability.

    Non-GMO, vegan, gluten- and allergen-free, Ritual's range of vitamins is amongst the purest in existence. Their delayed-release capsules ensure that your body receives nutrients at the right time with minimal digestive discomfort.

    As much as we love this product, it isn't cheap. The cost per dose is significantly higher than other allergy-friendly vitamin brands we examined. However, based on the hundreds of user reviewers, it is extremely effective, with virtually no reports of negative allergic reactions.

    What We Like

    • Delayed release capsule technology
    • Free of major allergens, non-GMO, vegan
    • Science backed formulations
    • Traceable ingredients

    What We Don't Like

    • Expensive
    • Shipping can be slow

    BUY: Ritual

    Best Vitamin Brand for Athletes - Bulk Supplements

    bulk supplements


    • Vitamin forms: Various—softgels, capsules, etc.
    • Certifications: NSF Certified, FDA-registered, inspected cGMP manufacturing facility


    Athletes have different priorities when it comes to supplements. While most people favor “done for you” proprietary blends and the least amount of pills required, athletes are more concerned about achieving minimum effective doses and forming their own tailored "stacks."

    For athletes, having the greatest amount of control over what goes into their bodies is of the utmost importance. When it comes to supplements, an athlete's needs can fluctuate. Bulk Supplements is the best vitamin brand for athletes because it understands the need to provide cost-effective supplements in the customizable format that athletes prefer.

    This brand provides over 500 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to athletes all over the world. Their ingredients are backed by science and their team is on-hand to help answer any questions. Some of our favorite products are their L-Glutamine powder and essential amino acids.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Bulk Supplements are not the most user-friendly to take. Much of their product comes shipped in zipped bags with a scoop. Many athletes who also have lives outside of the gym will complement their Bulk Supplements products with another, more convenient vitamin line for early mornings on the way to work. For example, some users take Bulk Supplements before and after their workouts and use Ritual's multivitamin in the mornings.

    What We Like

    • Budget-friendly pricing
    • Able to purchase large quantities
    • Knowledgeable sales team
    • Top manufacturing practices

    What We Don't Like

    • Shipping can be slow
    • Not the most convenient to take

    BUY: Bulk Supplements

    How We Chose The Best Vitamin Brands


    • Manufacturing practices: Having products made in factories with the highest standards is a major factor. Besides quality, it's a matter of safety. The best brands will make sure that their products are produced without the risk of allergens and cross-contamination.
    • Pure ingredients: Ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients are essential to reap a vitamin's benefits. Our roundup includes brands that invest heavily in their ingredient standards.
    • Scientific formulations: Science-backed ingredients at the right concentrations make sure that each dose has what you need to see results.
    • Value: The best vitamins don't have to be the most expensive. We make sure each brand provides enough value to justify its price point.
    • Track record: New vitamin brands spring up every week. We favor brands with an established track record of great products and customer success.
    • Variety: It's a hassle to try to piece together a vitamin regimen from multiple brands. We went with brands that have a wide spectrum of products to meet multiple needs.


    What To Look For in a Vitamin Brand

    Choosing the right vitamin brand is extremely important. Supplements are an investment and you want to make sure you are reaping the maximum benefits. Choosing a brand you can trust is also a matter of safety. Many brands lack the willingness, knowledge, and expertise to make sure that their products pass rigorous health and safety standards.

    The result is brands that have harmful fillers, preservatives, and low-quality ingredients in their products. To make matters worse, they may be full of ingredients lacking scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

    Finding the best vitamin brand can do wonders for your overall health and performance. In addition to filling any nutritional gaps, they can provide your body with additional nutrients to enhance performance and increase longevity. Let's look at some things to keep in mind when looking for the right vitamin brand.

    Check Certifications

    The more certifications, the better. Companies that hold several certifications demonstrate a commitment to accountability and transparency. You can normally find these in the footer of their product website or on their about page. To acquire them, brands need to comply with guidelines and best practices put forth by governing agencies. It requires regular inspections and testing from third-party experts.

    Some prestigious certifications to look out for include NSF, USP, Certified B, USP Verified, Informed Sport, and Non GMO Verified. Some of these labels may only apply to certain products within the brand. Not all certifications are created equal. If a brand boasts a certification you've never heard of, it may be wise to do an online search to make sure it's legitimate.

    Look for Clean Ingredients

    Ingredients are king when it comes to choosing the best vitamin brand. When looking for the best supplement brands, be sure to pay close attention to the sections on ingredient sourcing. There are different factors that go into clean ingredients. Are they ethically sourced? Have they been certified organic? Besides where they come from, how they are processed is equally important. You'll want to make sure the ingredients are top-grade and free of fillers and cutting agents. We love brands like Ritual because of their traceable ingredient protocols.

    Pay Attention to Dosing

    Vitamins and nutrients need to reach a certain dosage threshold before they can be effective in the human body. This is referred to as the minimum effective dose. Less reputable brands will under-dose their supplements in order to cut costs and improve margins. The best vitamin brands make sure that their dosages line up with scientific guidance.

    Check Manufacturing Practices and Facilities

    The best vitamin brands will have tight systems and processes when it comes to manufacturing their products. In fact, companies like Onnit have their facilities inspected regularly and carry NSF-safe manufacturing certifications. This is very important for people who suffer from food-related allergies, including dairy or peanuts. Be sure to read up on how they produce their supplements.

    Prioritize Science-Backed Brands

    Avoid brands that build their formulations on the latest fads in nutrition. Instead, buy from brands that center around ingredients that are backed by solid clinical data and scientific research. Physician-directed formulations are an added bonus.

    Avoid Extraordinary Claims

    Vitamin brands do not need to submit their claims for FDA approval. If you notice, the fine print on most supplement bottles declares that the statements made have not been reviewed by the FDA. Unfortunately, many brands will use this as an excuse to make outlandish claims that are not based on science or reality.

    Clear signs that claims are far-fetched include the use of hyperbole and definitive statements that promise results for everyone regardless of age, gender, or underlying conditions. As a rule of thumb, anything that claims to be a cure-all is unlikely and not to be trusted. Reputable vitamin brands will link to credible sources to back up any benefits they claim.


    FAQs About Vitamin Brands

    How do you know if a vitamin is of good quality?

    The best way to ensure quality is to see a brand's credentials and certifications. The presence of these demonstrates a commitment to producing high-quality vitamins. The best brands will be able to show where they source their ingredients.

    Are more expensive vitamins better?

    There are great, solid vitamins at nearly every price point. With that being said, more expensive vitamins may provide added benefits such as improved absorption, greater potency, and convenience. If price is a major factor, consider Nature Made, our pick for the best budget vitamin brand.

    Is taking a multivitamin worth it?

    Multivitamins work best when used in concert with healthy nutritional choices, adequate sleep, and some form of physical activity. They are not meant as a replacement for healthy habits. However, multivitamins do a great job of filling any nutritional gaps that may be present. Multivitamins increase in effectiveness with more consistent use.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.