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David Fang Expert

Since receiving his formal medical education from the State University of New York in 2005, David Fang has helped hundreds of people strike a powerful balance at the intersection of life, fitness, and peak athletic performance.

From working with top-level collegiate prospects, and ultra-endurance athletes to adults looking to optimize their health, David strives to distill the complex into actionable for his clients and readers.

Playing internationally in ice hockey and moving through the ranks as a competitive CrossFit athlete and Olympic lifter, David knows firsthand that the key to peak performance starts with rock-solid mental resilience and psychology.

David has consulted with coaches and athletes from schools such as the University of Louisville and Duke University to aid in building a powerful mind-body connection that results in a winning culture.

As an advocate of weightlifting, functional fitness, and holistic nutrition, David’s approach has always been to educate and empower his clients and readers with the tools to make the best decisions for themselves and their health goals.

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