7 Healthy Foods for Runners

One of the most important factors in distance training is what you put in your body. Healthy foods for runners aren't too hard to come by. Don't have time to make a five-course meal? Sick of the usual pasta dinners or bagels with peanut butter and banana? Check out some of these foods below that will help keep you energized.

Black Rice

This whole grain is loaded with iron and carbs.  It gets its color from anthocyanins (antioxidants also found in blueberries and pomegranates) that may help reduce post-workout soreness.  You can sweeten a bowl of black rice with honey for a carb-packed breakfast.

Brussels Sprouts

Out of all cruciferous vegetables, Brussels have the highest levels of glucosinolates, compounds that rid the body of cancer-causing agents.  They are also rich in Vitamin C and K.

Greek Yogurt

As opposed to regular yogurt, it is higher in protein and lower in sodium and sugar. You can use it to replace things such as sour cream, buttermilk and mayo.


Every runner needs eggs, aside from being an excellent source of protein they are rich in choline, a nutrient not found in many foods but vital for healthy brain cells and memory.  Two eggs alone supply half your recommended intake.

Trail Mix

Dried fruit is loaded with carbs while nuts and seeds provide protein and vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper and vitamin E.

Maple Syrup

Real maple syrup contains a good dose of manganese and zinc.  Both minerals protect your muscles and support your immune system.


This nutritional powerhouse has vitamin C, potassium, fiber and phytochemicals, all key for peak performance.

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Chicago Endurance Sports Examiner Jill Bures is a former college soccer player from North Central College and a long-time runner.

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