15 Low-Fuss, Big-Flavor Recipes

Have you ever looked at a recipe and thought, "Are they kidding? They want me to stuff a chicken into a duck, and then stuff those into a turkey?" That dish, which is appropriately named "turducken," is considered one of the most challenging recipes in the world. Not only does it require the near-impossible task of effectively stuffing birds inside of each other, when you actually get to the cooking part, you have to ensure none of your birds dry out during the 4 to 5 hours they spend in the oven. If your bird trio decides to cooperate, you'll have one of the most flavorful meals you've ever tasted. You'll also feel as though you just ran an ultra. Save your energy for your next race and take it easy in the kitchen. You can still create fare with big, bold flavors, but without all the fuss. These recipes come together with little effort and, to boot, all 15 are good for you.

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