Cycle Gear Checklist for Your First Adventure Race

New to adventure racing? The biggest and most important piece of gear you're going to need to launch into this world is your adventure race bike and its parts.

But, don't forget: with your first adventure racing mountain bike, you must also get some basic equipment. Expect to spend at least $100 for the absolute necessities in cycle gear, which are as follows:


This is mandatory. A $20 helmet will protect you as well as a $200 one, but it will be heavier and bulkier. Falling is part of learning how to mountain bike so always wear a helmet when you're riding. If you forget your helmet, don't ride.

Cycling Gloves

You should also always wear cycling gloves when mountain biking. Get the full-fingers kind. The gloves will prevent injuries to your palms if you fall.

Repair Kit

You'll need a repair kit that includes:
??????a pump
??????a spare tube with the same valves as the ones on your bike (there are two types; ask the store what type you have if you don't know)

??????a tube patch kit
??????two tire levers
??????a bike tool kit (must include different size hexagonal wrench, a flat screwdriver head and Philips screwdriver head
??????a chain tool (the chain tool can be included within the bike tool kit)

*Note: the prices indicated in this article are rough estimates of a price purchase in a regular bike shop. You may find prices significantly lower taking advantage of online discounts.


Hani Juha owns, writes for?and manages (formerly California-ARA) and?

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