Your 12-Minute Cardio Workout Plan

According to a Harvard study conducted in 2010, working out for 60 minutes every day is recommended for women to maintain their overall health and fitness level. But, let's face it; incorporating 60 minutes of exercise a day seems like a lot to ask.

However, doing just 12 minutes of cardio a day can yield the same, or better, results than doing 60 minutes. I know you must be wondering how that can be true? Is this another unhelpful and ineffective shortcut to exercise that will leave you in no better shape than you're in now?

Not at all.

A breakdown of the system, called the 12-minute guerrilla cardio routine, is designed to help you understand how you can use less time to get better fitness results.

12-minute Guerrilla Cardio Routine

Minutes: One to four

Warm Up: Achieve 50% exertion until the end of minute four.

Minutes: Five to eight

Cardio Workout: Full speed sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat until reaching the end of minute eight.

Minutes: Nine to 12

Cool Down: Return to 50% exertion until the end of minute 12

Essentially, with this routine you will only be working at full capacity for four minutes. Are you wondering how that small burst of full capacity energy can burn more calories than a 60 minutes moderate cardio routine?
The answer, the increased calorie burn that comes from the high intensity interval training technique of working out. With this system, the bulk of your calories burned will come after your workout is complete.

High intensity workouts increases oxygen consumption and calories burned after exercise at a greater rate than moderate intensity exercise. There are limitations to this program, however. Since weight loss comes from a combination of the intensity and duration of a workout, realize that there are only so many calories you can burn in four minutes of cardio; no matter how intense.
It's important to note that the guerrilla cardio routine should be used in addition to, but not in place of, your current exercise routine. When you find yourself short on time, incorporating the guerrilla cardio routine into your workout will help you maximize your efforts in the gym. A 30 minute session can include the 12-minute guerrilla cardio routine, as well as interval strength training for the remaining 18 minutes.  

Don't let a time crunch derail your opportunity to work out; reach the results you want. Make guerrilla cardio a part of your next time-limited workout.

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