Workout Playlists: Music to Boost Your Exercise Routine

Music that matches your power, intensity and speed for any workout program can help you push yourself to your max. Research reveals that if you match the tempo of a song to your desired heart rate, or beats per minute (bpm), the song will help you maintain or pick up the pace. It's no wonder you see athletes listening to music before a big game or race. It gets their blood pumping and adrenaline up. Coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts from all around were asked what songs help get them through some of the most intensive workouts. Here are the top 50 songs, broken into playlists: Running, Walking, Cycling, Weight Lifting and Active Editors' Picks. Each playlist shows songs with wide-ranging bpms to help you get the most effective workout. Stay focused and build your endurance with the following tunes.

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