This 30-Minute HIIT Workout Burns Crazy Calories

A new year always brings a flurry of energy to the pursuit of fitness goals: You’re feeling re-energized, freshly motivated, rocking new gear and, hey, even downright optimistic you’ll finally reach those lofty gains you’ve been seeking. Whether it’s losing fat, gaining muscle or just feeling healthier, talking about goals and strategizing how to get there is valuable—but it’s only the beginning.

Taking action on your goals, however, is the most important—and frequently the most difficult—part.

With that in mind, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, can be a useful workout tactic to get you started without spending countless hours in the gym. The three-move, 30-minute HIIT workout below requires just a few pieces of equipment, and can be easily modified based on what you have available.

For this HIIT routine, you’ll perform an ‘On The Minute’ workout, or OTM. For example, if you complete six burpee pull-ups in 25 seconds, you would then rest for the remaining 35 seconds of the minute.

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