Make Recovery Part of Your Fitness Routine

Remember, as you continually workout throughout the week, the body’s level of fatigue piles up. By building in a recovery or light workout day at the end of the week, you give yourself a buffer to handle all that wear and tear. While off days are a nice reset, light workout days also help to kick start the process. 

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It’s also important to keep in mind that every body is different. Whether you’re a morning miler, a triathlete, a yogi or a Crossfit champ, recovery is going to mean something different for you. If you’re looking for more insight into your body’s recovery, there are ways to track it.

For example, the WHOOP 2.0 strap, used by professional athletes and Olympians, is a fitness wearable designed specifically to monitor your body’s recovery and strain 24/7. It allows you to schedule your off days, light workout days and peak training days easier than before, thanks to its analytics. If you're serious about maximizing your body's gain, consider investing in a solid recovery tracker like the WHOOP.

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