The Best Exercise Machines to Lose Weight: Watch the Pounds Melt Away

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If you're trying to drop pounds fast, you need the best exercise machine to lose weight. Shedding pounds is no easy feat, but the process can be simplified and sped up if you use the best weight-loss programs or apps, and utilize the best mean, lean, fat-blasting machine. We all have different needs and preferences when it comes to the best weight-loss workout for our bodies. That's why we comprised this list, so you can find the right machine for you. From indoor bicycles and rowing machines to treadmills and ellipticals, these are the best exercise machines to lose weight.

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The Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight - Our Top Picks

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Best Overall Exercise Machine to Lose Weight - Echelon EX-5s

Echelon EX-5s


  • Dimensions: 58" x 21.5" x 61"
  • Weight: 124 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Features: 22" HD rotating screen, 2 power ports, 32 magnetic resistance levels, 4-way adjustments, toe cages/SPD compatible pedals, cushioned seat, scratch-resistant frame, and anti-slip handlebars
  • Resistance levels: 32 levels
  • Max speed: N/A
  • Incline: N/A


An indoor bicycle is one of the best cardio machines for weight loss. Cycling is a great exercise if you want to shed pounds because it's low impact, meaning it doesn't put a lot of stress on your joints, and it's high-calorie burning, so you can get the most out of your cardio workout.

Indoor cycling is accessible to most bodies and is a surefire way to lose weight while improving cardiovascular health and endurance. The Echelon EX-5s is a commercial-grade cycle. It's outfitted with a 22-inch HD rotating touchscreen display, where you can access thousands of on-demand and live fitness classes (on and off-bike) taught by expert instructors. When you subscribe to Echelon's monthly, annual, or two-year membership, you'll track your progress, ride with friends and family, explore a multitude of workout modalities, and make great strides in attaining your weight-loss goals.

The EX-5s features four-way adjustments, meaning you can adjust the seat and handlebars vertically, as well as horizontally for a personalized, comfortable, riding experience. There are two large water bottle holders for easy access when you need a drink, two power ports to charge your devices while you sweat, and dual-sided SPD-compatible pedals with toe cages for versatility. Get the most out of your cycling workout by clipping in with a pair of the best cycling shoes. An extra-cushy seat provides a plush ride, delivering a luxurious fitness experience overall. The 32 levels of silent magnetic resistance let you take control of your workout intensity, so you can go as hard or restorative as you want to.

The bike itself is pricey, but on the more affordable end of the spectrum when compared to top competitors. While you don't have to subscribe to the membership to ride this bike, you would be wise to do so to maximize your purchase and get the most out of this indoor bike.

What We Like

  • 22" rotating touchscreen display
  • 4-way adjustments
  • Dual-sided SPD/toe cage pedals
  • 32 levels of quiet resistance

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey
  • You have to buy the membership to get the most out of this cycle

BUY: Echelon EX-5s

Best Budget Exercise Machine to Lose Weight - Assault Airbike

Assault Airbike



  • Dimensions: 50.9"L x 23.3"W x 48.4"H
  • Weight: 98.1 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Features: LCD stats display, heavy-duty steel frame, 25" diameter steel fan, hybrid/multi-adjustable seat, reinforced pedals and crank, 20 sealed cartridge bearings
  • Resistance levels: N/A
  • Max speed: N/A
  • Incline: N/A


The Assault Airbike is an affordable, durable fan bike. A fan bike does not have fixed handlebars or resistance knobs. Instead, you push the handlebars back and forth while pedaling to propel the fan, creating air resistance. The faster you pedal, the more resistance is generated, putting you in complete control of the intensity of your workout.

The Assault Airbike features an LCD monitor that's easy to navigate and shows the user's heart rate, speed, RPM, time, calories burned, watts, and interval training (Tabata and custom). It's got a durable, heavy-duty steel frame that eliminates side-to-side movement for a steady ride. The firm seat offers two-way adjustments for a customized fit.

Take note that this is a fan bike and is outfitted with a 25-inch steel diameter fan that makes a lot of noise while you pedal. If you're looking for a quiet indoor cycling experience, this is not the bike for you.

What We Like

  • LCD stats display
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Hybrid/multi-adjustable seat
  • Budget-friendly

What We Don't Like

  • Handlebars are not adjustable
  • Firm seat uncomfortable to some

BUY: Assault Airbike

Best Rowing Machine for Weight Loss - Sole SR500

Sole SR500


  • Dimensions: 46"H x 94"L x 18"W
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 515 lbs.
  • Features: Foldable, heart rate monitor, 16 levels of resistance, 10 pre-loaded programs, 5.5" backlit LCD screen, oversized pedals
  • Resistance levels: 16
  • Max speed: N/A
  • Incline: N/A


This budget-friendly rowing machine features 16 levels of air and magnetic resistance for an ultra-smooth stroke and realistic "on the water" sensation. The Sole SR500 is height adjustable and offers a folding design with wheels upfront making it easy to store and move.

The resistance is conveniently adjusted through the handlebar which enables users to maintain workout intensity without having to pause to adjust their resistance. You can choose from 10 pre-set programs or create your own on the manual setting. There is a 5.5-inch backlit LCD display that shows all your key stats while you work out.

It comes with a Studio app membership that grants the user access to over 3,000 on-demand classes. Your Studio membership delivers real-time data directly from your rower to your screen. It features a community-driven leaderboard in every class and helps you make the most of your workouts with heart-based training.

What We Like

  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • 16 resistance levels
  • 10 pre-loaded programs

What We Don't Like

  • Small display
  • Has more plastic parts than other rowers in its category

BUY: Sole SR500

Best Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss - NordicTrack SF14i

Nordictrack FS14i


  • Dimensions: 58.5"L x 29.5"W x 74"H
  • Weight: 287 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Features: 26 levels of silent magnetic resistance, 32" auto adjustable stride, -10% decline and 10% incline, integrated handle controls, transport wheels, water bottle holder, 14" smart HD touchscreen, AutoBreeze workout fan
  • Resistance levels: 26
  • Max speed: N/A
  • Incline: -10-10%


The NordicTrack SF14i is a smart elliptical machine that works in tandem with the iFit app to deliver some of the best in connected fitness. This elliptical comes with a free 30-day trial to iFit (a monthly membership service). If you're going to invest in this pricey machine, you need to purchase the monthly iFit subscription to get the most out of this elliptical.

iFit features on-demand and live classes in exotic locales all over the world. It provides an interactive training experience with an ever-expanding workout library, elite trainers, automatic trainer controls, daily recommended workouts, performance tracking, and up to four profiles so the whole family can enjoy it.

The SF14i is outfitted with a 14-inch HD touchscreen where you access all your iFit classes and data. It has an AutoBreeze workout fan to keep you cool while you sweat and can be adjusted automatically or manually to up to a -10% decline and 10% incline. It offers 26 levels of silent magnetic resistance and a 32-inch auto-adjustable stride to accommodate users of all sizes.

It's heavy, weighing in at 287 pounds, so don't plan on moving it around a lot. For the price, we wish it had a larger touchscreen. The standard is 22 inches, so a 14-inch touchscreen falls a bit short.

What We Like

  • 26 silent magnetic resistance levels
  • 32" adjustable stride
  • 10% incline and -10% decline
  • iFit connected fitness

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey
  • Heavy
  • Smaller touchscreen

BUY: NordicTrack SF14i

Best Treadmill for Weight Loss - Horizon 7.8AT

Horizon 7.8AT


  • Dimensions: 76" x 37" x 64"
  • Weight: 330 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Features: Accessory tray, aluminum side rails, audio in/out jack, Bluetooth speakers, custom interval keys, fan, media controls, multi-position tablet holders, speed and incline quick dial controls, USB charging, water bottle holder, 0-12 mph speed range
  • Resistance levels: N/A
  • Max speed: 12 mph
  • Incline: 0-15%


The Horizon 7.8AT features Bluetooth connectivity and speakers so you can listen to your own tunes while you work out or connect directly to the Zwift app or other fitness streaming apps like Peloton Digital. Its highly responsive QuickDial controls and one-touch Interval Keys simplify speed and incline changes.

A 9.3-inch full-color display with multiple options for a phone or tablet delivers key stats to the user while they run. You can change your playlist without breaking your stride with the in-reach media controls and you'll keep cool while you exercise with its built-in fan. The powerful motor supports speeds up to 12 miles per hour and an incline ranging from 0-15%.

It's a pricey investment, but Horizon offers a lifetime frame and motor warranty, so this machine is ultra-durable. It's got a large footprint, so be sure to measure your space to make sure it will fit, and it's extra-heavy at 330 pounds, so plan to park it where you want to keep it.

What We Like

  • 0-15% incline range
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Fan
  • USB charging

What We Don't Like

  • Extra heavy
  • Large footprint

BUY: Horizon 7.8AT

How to Choose the Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best exercise machine to lose weight. You'll want to consider your space, budget, and preferred exercise modality before making a decision. If you have sensitive joints, want an all-encompassing machine with options on and off-bike, and are working with a smaller space, an indoor bicycle like the Echelon EX-5s is the best choice for you. If you have the budget for it and love running, you'll want to go with the Horizon 7.8AT. If you're looking for the best deal, your best bet is the Assault Airbike. If you want a globally connected fitness experience that the whole family can enjoy, you'll be happiest with NordicTrack SF14i. If rowing is your jam, the Sole SR500 will serve you well. It all comes down to personal preference, space, and budget.

FAQs About Exercise Machines for Weight Loss

What is the best exercise machine to lose belly fat?

You can't target fat loss specifically, but you can combine cardio workouts to burn calories (thus fat) with core-based strength training to lose belly fat. All of the machines on this list can help you lose belly fat. Proper form for each of the above fitness modalities (cycling, running, rowing, elliptical) involves core engagement and they're all high-calorie-burning cardiovascular exercises.

What exercise machine is most effective?

The effectiveness of the machine depends on the intensity of your workout. If you want to lose weight efficiently, performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts on any of the machines listed above will effectively get you there.

What should a beginner do at the gym to lose weight?

A 50/50 blend of cardio (cycling, swimming, running, rowing, elliptical) combined with total-body strength training five times a week will help you lose weight. The cardio portion is what burns calories and the strength training portion is what builds muscle, which will continue to burn calories even after you stop sweating. If you stick to this training plan, you'll start to notice a change in two weeks. If you stay with it for six weeks, you'll see a body transformation.

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Nicolette is a writer, and health and fitness expert. Nicolette is a quadruple-certified master fitness instructor and teaches indoor cycling, barre, yoga, and versa climbing. As a writer, Nicolette specializes in tech pertaining to all things exercise-related.

See More from Nicolette

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