The 11 Best Cycling Shoes in 2022


Cycling can be a great way to get up and get moving or even traverse from Point A to Point B. Naturally, serious cyclists will want to invest in some high-quality gear to enhance their performance and ensure their comfort, as well as their safety - don't forget a helmet or bike lights!

But with so many cycling shoes on the market today, varying widely in their price point and their comfort level, how can you find the best cycling shoes to suit your needs? Luckily, the Active Reviews Team has done the hard work for you by rounding up some of the best cycling shoes available and condensing them into a list of 11. Below are cycling shoes to fit every need, from beginning cyclists through more experienced trainers.

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Best Cycling Shoes - Our Top Picks

Best Overall Cycling Shoes - PEARL iZumi Quest Road

PEARL iZumi Quest Road


  • Cleat: 3-bolt road cleat
  • Closure: 3 straps
  • Sole: Nylon
  • Sizes: 39 to 52
  • Colors: Black/black, white/navy

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Simply put, the PEARL iZumi Quest Road provides everything you need for a great cycling experience, without a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles. Made with road cycling in mind, it comes with a stiff nylon sole that ensures easy pedaling while minimizing foot fatigue. Breathable mesh also creates easy ventilation.

Meanwhile, three strong straps make for easy and secure closure. The anatomic design of the straps promotes comfort and prevents unnecessary movement of your foot. And while there aren't a lot of color options, many cyclists will gravitate toward the classic all-black design that never goes out of style.

What We Like

  • Secure, anatomically designed, three-strap closure
  • Stiff nylon sole prevents foot fatigue
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • Foam and rubber heel bumper offers comfort and support

What We Don't Like

  • Only two color options
  • Some may not prefer strap closures

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Best Indoor Cycling Shoes - Specialized Torch 1.0 Cycling Shoe

Specialized Torch 1.0 Cycling Shoe


  • Cleat: 3-bolt cleat compatibility
  • Closure: N/A
  • Sole: Composite
  • Sizes: 38 to 48
  • Colors: Black, White, Slate/Cool Gray, Oasis, Maroon/Black, Dove Grey/Vivid Coral

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Not everyone does their cycling outside. If you’re more of a spin studio type of person, you'll need a cycling shoe that accommodates. The Specialized Torch 1.0 Cycling Shoe is a real contender in this category.

Made with a Body Geometry design for proper heel-to-toe alignment, these shoes support your feet during even the most intense of cycling sessions. This construction also helps to prevent injury, which is helpful for longer workouts when your feet are more worn down. Beginners will enjoy the moderately stiff sole that adds comfort, while experienced cyclists will appreciate the power it provides. And, there is three-bolt cleat compatibility for added convenience. Plus, the Torch Cycling Shoes utilize an L6 Boa Fit System, which makes it easy to make minor adjustments while on the go.

What We Like

  • Sole offers ideal stiffness level for beginners
  • Multiple color and style options
  • Promotes hip, knee, and foot alignment
  • Perforated for ventilation

What We Don't Like

  • Some seasoned cyclists will want a slightly stiffer sole
  • May not be a good fit for road cycling

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Best Cycling Shoes for Peloton - Pearl iZumi Quest Studio

Pearl iZumi Quest Studio


  • Cleat: Compatible with 3-bolt SPD-SL, Delta, and 2-bolt SPD cleats
  • Closure: 3 straps
  • Sole: Rubber, nylon, and plastic
  • Sizes: 39 to 52
  • Colors: Black

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Peloton workouts have taken the fitness world by storm. In addition to investing in a Peloton bike, you’ll also want to make sure you have the right shoes to optimize each workout. The Pearl iZumi Quest Studio has the right combination of features to make your next Peloton cycling session that much better.

This is a very similar shoe to the brand's road cycling shoe (see our pick for Best Overall), but with a few modifications to make it studio friendly. The materials and the design have been modified to ensure the shoe can hold up in hot, humid indoor environments. Its sole is also compatible with pretty much any cleat style, making it easy to use this shoe with virtually any indoor or outdoor bike.

What We Like

  • Antimicrobial mesh prevents the buildup of bacteria and fungi
  • Materials are designed to resist water and sweat
  • Sockliner material resists water and bacteria
  • Added ventilation holes

What We Don't Like

  • Only comes in one color (black)
  • Experienced road cyclists may want a slightly stiffer sole

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Best Road Cycling Shoes - Mavic Cosmic Ultimate III Road Shoes

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate III Road Shoes


  • Cleat: N/A
  • Closure: N/A
  • Sole: Carbon
  • Sizes: 6 to 13.5
  • Colors: Black

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Looking for a shoe that's specifically designed to withstand the rigors of road cycling? Just take a look at the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate III Road Shoes. This pro-level footwear offers the aerodynamics you need for a competitive race, plus the rugged design required for plenty of outdoor adventures.

The shoe was designed to optimize three important performance categories: Foot power transfer, foot support, and adjustability. In pursuit of this, the shoe offers a lightweight foot-mapping material for stability. A stiff, full-carbon sole facilitates maximum pedal power. And, a low-profile collar around the ankle supports a full range of motion.

What We Like

  • Dials make it easy to adjust on the fly
  • Ankle collar promotes full range of motion
  • Heel cup keeps the heel firmly in place
  • Mesh, breathable material

What We Don't Like

  • Comes in just one colorway option (black/blue)
  • May not work well for beginners
  • More expensive

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Best Cycling Shoes for Women - Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe

ShimanoRC5 Cycling Shoe


  • Cleat: 3-bolt
  • Closure: BOA dial and hook-and-loop straps
  • Sole: Carbon-reinforced composite
  • Sizes: 36 to 42
  • Colors: Black, Turquoise

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For a shoe specifically designed for women’s feet, consider the Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe - Women's. There's plenty about this shoe that will enable great performance, starting with a stiff sole that won't waste any watts. Synthetic leather not only helps the shoe maintain its shape, but also adds comfort. And, BOA dial and hook-and-loop straps keep the shoe nice and snug around the more slender shape of a woman's foot.

Other features that we love include breathable mesh ventilation, and a carbon-reinforced sole that offers strength and support as you pedal.

What We Like

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Stiff sole offers maximum power
  • Mesh and perforations increase breathability
  • Strap closure system keeps your foot secure

What We Don't Like

  • Only comes in two color options
  • Fairly limited size range

BUY: Shimano RC5 Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet - Lake CX302 Wide Cycling Shoe

LakeCX302 Wide Cycling Shoe


  • Cleat: N/A
  • Closure: Dual side-mounted Li2 BOA fit system
  • Sole: Carbon fiber
  • Sizes: 41 to 50
  • Colors: Yellow/Black, Metal/Black, White

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When choosing cycling shoes, finding the right fit is essential. Ideally, you'll find a shoe that supports your foot and doesn’t allow for any unnecessary movement, but also doesn't cause any pinching or pain. Finding the right fit can be tough for anyone, but it’s especially hard for cyclists who have wider feet.

Enter the Lake CX302 Wide Cycling Shoe, specifically designed to fit wider feet. The carbon fiber sole promotes powerful pedaling, while a microfiber upper conforms to the foot for a glove-like fit. The toe box is a more narrow fit for wider feet and the heel offers a snug fit, ensuring steadiness and stability.

What We Like

  • Stiff carbon fiber sole
  • Tighter heel for stability
  • Snug closure system allows for easy adjustment

What We Like

  • Not recommended if you don’t have a wide foot
  • Expensive

BUY: Lake CX302 Wide Cycling Shoe

Best SPD Cycling Shoes - Mavic Allroad Pro Road/Gravel Bike Shoes

Mavic Allroad Pro Road/Gravel Bike Shoes


  • Cleat: N/A
  • Closure: Laces
  • Sole: N/A
  • Sizes: 6.5 to 13.5
  • Colors: Black

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Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, also called SPD, refers to a type of clipless pedals and associated cleats. The SPD system has been pretty popular since its inception in 1990, specifically with mountain bikes and road bikes. If you're looking to try the SPD method for your next trek, we recommend the Mavic Allroad Pro Road/Gravel Bike Shoes.

Made with rugged materials, these shoes are meant to be durable over the course of many outdoor adventures. Innovative Matryx technology provides all the support and comfort you need in a lightweight package. The material wraps comfortably around the foot, creating a snug, steady, and secure fit.

What We Like

  • Durable and outdoor ready
  • Lightweight, breathable, and quick drying
  • Ortholite insole provides long-term comfort and support
  • Exterior of shoe is uniquely abrasion resistant

What We Don't Like

  • Not everyone wants to deal with laces as they cycle
  • Not recommended if you don’t like the SPD approach

BUY: Mavic Allroad Pro Road/Gravel Bike Shoes

Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes - Pearl iZumi Tri Fly PRO

Pearl iZumi Tri Fly PRO


  • Cleat: Designed for 3-bolt cleat pedal systems
  • Closure: BOA® Fit System with two-way micro-adjustable Li2 dial and toe strap
  • Sole: Carbon
  • Sizes: 39 to 49
  • Colors: White

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The Pearl iZumi Tri Fly PRO was built with triathletes in mind. This shoe delivers big time in terms of speed, comfort, and efficiency. It's something you can wear all race-day long, enjoying the combination of airy mesh and synthetic leather that keeps your feet cool and dry.

From a cycling perspective, the stiff carbon sole delivers plenty of power. The BOA® Fit System allows for precise two-way micro-adjustments, even while you're riding. And, there’s a nice wide entry for easy transitions.

What We Like

  • Perforated footbed for easy drainage
  • Air Carbon Power Plate adds ventilation and drops weight, without compromising stiffness
  • Cool, breathable upper

What We Don't Like

  • Only recommended for triathletes
  • More pricey

BUY: Pearl iZumi Tri Fly PRO

Best Cycling Shoes for Beginners - Sidi Trace 2 Cycling Shoe

SidiSwift Air Carbon Cycling Shoe


  • Cleat: 2-bolt mountain cleats
  • Closure: TECNO 3 Boa system
  • Sole: MTB SR17
  • Sizes: 41-47
  • Colors: Black/Black, Black/Red, Sage

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Just getting started with cycling? The Sidi Trace 2 Cycling Shoe may be right for you. It's made with a high level of quality, stiffness, and durability, with a Soft Instep closure system that prevents numbness and pressure to the top of your foot.

Some additional features that make this a great, beginner-friendly shoe include a reinforced heel for a superior fit that doesn't budge. Compatibility with two-bolt cleats is another convenient feature for many.

What We Like

  • TECNO 3 Boa system for a flawless fit
  • Three layers of durable, comfortable upper support
  • SR17 sole is light, stiff, and supportive

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive for most beginners
  • Can be too stiff for some

BUY: Sidi Trace 2 Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes for Men - Shimano RC3 Limited Edition Cycling Shoe

Shimano RC3 Limited Edition Cycling Shoe


  • Cleat: 3-bolt cleats
  • Closure: BOA dial
  • Sole: Nylon
  • Sizes: 40 to 48
  • Colors: Red, white

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For men who love cycling, we recommend the Shimano RC3 Limited Edition Cycling Shoe. With their race-worthy construction, these shoes are designed to enhance your performance. And, with a BOA L6 dial, they're incredibly easy to adjust whenever you need to.

Additionally, these shoes have nice stiff soles that offer reliable power transfer. And a rubber racing pattern gives you extra grip, whether for clicking in or simply for walking around. Also note the low stack height, providing a low profile and an efficient platform.

What We Like

  • Stiff nylon sole offers reliable power transfer
  • Racing pattern offers great traction
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • Bright, vibrant design
  • Dials offer easy adjustment

What We Don't Like

  • Limited range of sizes

BUY: Shimano RC3 Limited Edition Cycling Shoes

Best Budget Cycling Shoes - Fi'zi:kTempo R5 Powerstrap Cycling Shoe

Fi'zi:kTempo R5 Powerstrap Cycling Shoe


  • Cleat: N/A
  • Closure: Hook-and-loop
  • Sole: Reinforced carbon
  • Sizes: 37 to 48
  • Colors: Gray/Black, Black, Navy/Black, White/Black

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Great cycling shoes don’t have to break the bank. For evidence, just look to the Fi'zi:kTempo R5 Powerstrap Cycling Shoe. It offers some high-end design features and durable materials, including a carbon-reinforced sole and a breathable synthetic upper, at a price point that's pretty reasonable.

Beyond the modest price, this shoe excels due to its easy hook-and-loop adjustment style. It's comfortable and versatile enough to work in any situation, though we especially recommend it for road cycling. Also, note that the double-strap design creates an easy way to adjust the midfoot or instep.

What We Like

  • Carbon-reinforced sole is stiff and strong
  • Hook-and-loop closure is easy to adjust
  • Double straps make it easy to adjust midfoot and insole
  • Great price point

What We Don't Like

  • Experienced cyclists may want something more high-end

BUY: Fi'zi:kTempo R5 Powerstrap Cycling Shoe

Are cycling shoes worth it?

Are cycling shoes really worth the investment? If you cycle with any regularity, then investing in a good pair of shoes can yield some significant benefits to your performance and the comfort of your ride. A few reasons why cycling shoes may prove well worth it include:

  • Cycling shoes allow you to go faster. Cycling shoes are usually made with stiff, rigid soles, which allow you to put more power into every stroke. This in turn helps you pedal harder and go faster.
  • Cycling shoes add comfort. When your shoe is fitted properly, it prevents your heel from moving up and down. This added security can make each bike ride more comfortable. And, stiff soles prevent your feet from becoming fatigued on long rides.
  • Cycling shoes are stylish. Don't overlook the importance of aesthetics. Not only do cycling shoes allow you to choose from a number of design and color combinations, but they are also made to look sleek and aerodynamic.
  • Cycling shoes provide ventilation. Long bike rides may make you work up a sweat, and sometimes even your feet can feel toasty. Built-in ventilation helps your cycling shoes remain breathable and cool.

What should you look for when buying cycling shoes?

As you seek the best cycling shoes for your needs, there are a number of performance categories to keep in mind. Some of the primary shopping considerations include the shoe's fit, the sole, and the closure system.


To begin with, cycling shoes should fit comfortably from the start. Because cycling shoes are typically made with very rigid soles, there is little chance that you can “break them in” to the point of making uncomfortable shoes into comfortable ones.

Beyond that, cycling shoes should offer enough room for you to comfortably wiggle your toes. They should allow your arches to feel snug and supported. And, your heel should not slide up and down. If it does, that’s a telltale sign that your shoe isn't properly fitted to your foot.


When comparing different cycling shoes, another factor you’ll want to consider is the sole.

Generally speaking, shoes that are intended for road biking come with stiff soles, which will provide the type of traction and support you need while you're on longer bike rides.

Shoes with softer soles can work very well for casual biking, including the occasional spin on an indoor bike. For more serious hobby cyclists, however, it’s typically better to opt for those stiffer soles.

Closure System

There are several closure systems that can be used with cycling shoes. Some of the main examples include:

  • Laces. Most cyclists agree that laces are the most comfortable option, and they also offer the greatest level of customization for your fit. The main thing to be aware of with laces is that they need to be short, preventing them from getting caught in your spokes. Or, you need a way to carefully tuck them away.
  • Hook-and-loop straps. This closure method is quick and provides a higher level of usability in wet or muddy conditions. Also note that, because straps stretch less than laces, they tend to stay on more securely.
  • Notches cam straps with buckles. A more expensive option, this design provides the highest level of clamping and security.

FAQs About Cycling Shoes

Still have some questions about shopping for new cycling shoes? Here are a few of the most common inquiries.

Do I really need cycling shoes?

While it is certainly possible to ride a bike in any shoes (or even barefoot), cycling shoes offer a number of benefits that can improve your performance and keep you more comfortable during your ride. For example, cycling shoes can help secure your feet on the pedals. A stiff, strong sole can enable stronger strokes. Finally, cycling shoes can sometimes provide a more aerodynamic position.

How much space should there be in my cycling shoes?

Getting the fit right is an important way to ensure optimal performance and comfort from your cycling shoes. On the one hand, you don’t ever want your heel to be sliding up and down. If that happens, it's a pretty good sign that your shoes are too big. On the other hand, you do want space for your toes to wiggle, though not too much space. The ideal is to have about half an inch between your big toe and the front of the shoe.

How can I tell if my cycling shoes are too narrow?

Cycling shoes should be snug at the heel while offering even pressure in the instep. You want your cycling shoe to fit well enough to prevent unnecessary foot movement, but you don’t want the shoe to be so tight that you experience any pinching or pain.

How should Peloton shoes fit?

Your Peloton shoes should fit much like any other cycling shoe, or like a running shoe. Specifically, you don’t want them to be too snug, and you don’t want them to be too loose. You want your heel to feel stable, without any undue motion up or down. You also want there to be a little room for you to wiggle your toes, but not enough room that your feet move around any more than necessary. If you feel any pinching or any pain, that’s a sign that your shoes are too tight.

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