The 9 Best Compression Bras to Keep You Comfortable While Working Out

woman running in sports bra

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Finding the right compression sports bra can sometimes make you feel like Goldilocks—one bra is too tight, the next may be too big, the next is just uncomfortable. At some point, every woman has wrestled with trying to stretch the band of a sports bra over their girls only to find that the fit is completely wrong.

Honestly, a sports bra can make or break your workout, so it's essential to find the bra that works for you. With all the options on the market, how do you find which bra is your "just right?" No worries, friends; the ACTIVE Reviews Team has done the research for you. So, whether you are looking to pound the pavement for your next run or sweat it out in a HIIT class, the best compression bra for you could be right here. Take a look at our top picks! 

The Best Compression Bras of 2023 - Our Top Picks

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Featured Pick - Alphalete Ozone Crop Bra

Alphalete Ozone Crop Bra


  • Materials: Nylon and spandex
  • Size range: XXS to XXL
  • Closure: N/A
  • Colors: 9 solid colors
  • Strap style: High-neck design
  • Support level: High support


For most runners, compression is key. Without the proper amount of compression, things may—ahem—slip and slide during movement. Our top pick for a solid compression bra is Alphalete’s Ozone Crop Bra. Thanks to its crew neckline design, the support is next level. You’ll feel secure and well-supported while moving with this bra.

We also like the seamless, body-contoured fit, and the variety of colors this bra comes in. Plus, the materials used in this bra’s design are recycled.

What We Like

  • Ultra-supportive
  • Can double as a crop top
  • Seamless fit
  • Flattering crew neckline
  • Sustainably-made
  • Particularly great for high-impact movements like sprints

What We Don’t Like

  • Compressive fit might feel too tight for some

BUY: Alphalete Ozone Bra

Overall Best Compression Bra - Lululemon Run Times Bra High Support

Lululemon Run Times Bra High Support


  • Materials: Nylon and Lycra
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: 32B-38G
  • Closure: 3 hook-and-eye clasps
  • Colors: True Navy, Rover, Dark Olive, Black
  • Strap style: Adjustable
  • Support level: High support


Lululemon hits a home run again, with the lululemon Run Times Bra High Support. Designed for high-impact workouts, the Run Times Bra effectively supports breast sizes ranging from a cup size B to E. The sleek design features a soft brushed band, adjustable padded cross straps, and hook-and-eye closure, which means no more tugging and pulling to get your sports bra on. Both comfortable and functional, the adjustable straps can be worn either crisscrossed or H-back, allowing you to customize this compression bra to fit just right. Made from sweat-wicking material, it has a perforated panel to promote airflow and keep you cool.

Another perk of this compression bra is that it does not have removable pads. The formed cups add a bit of padding and won't slide out. Available in four solid colors, the lululemon Run Times Bra provides the support you need for all high-impact activities.

What We Like

  • Very supportive
  • Adjustable and convertible straps
  • Hook-and-eye closure to customize the fit
  • No removable pads
  • Perforated front panel is stylish and keeps you cool

What We Don't Like

  • The bra's underband feels too snug for some
  • Hook-and-eye closure is not easy to close

BUY: lululemon Run Times Bra High Support

Best Compression Bra for Running - SheWarrior Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Sports Bra

SheWarrior Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Sports Bra


  • Materials: 88% recycled Polyester and 12% Spandex
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Closure: Pull-on style
  • Colors: Tie-dye purple
  • Strap style: U-back
  • Support level: High support
  • Bust measurement/Size range: 31.5"-41.5"


Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Sports Bra, a bra in the SheWarrior line, does just that. Designed for high-impact activities, this compression bra fits snugly and effectively holds your breasts down and together to limit movement.

With the stylish purple tie-dye color scheme of the Dream Chaser, you can wear it alone or under your favorite workout gear. Additionally, when you wear this compression bra, you are also helping to save our planet. The SheWarrior collection is manufactured in a sustainable production house that uses water-free dyeing processes and spins synthetic fibers from 100-percent-upcycled plastic.

The Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Sports Bra is available in sizes extra-small to extra-large. Since they do not use cup sizes, you will have to measure your bust area to determine which size fits you best. If you are looking for a bra that will lift and separate your breasts, the Dream Chaser may not be for you. But what it does, it does well, and that is to keep your girls in line when you lace up for your next treadmill or outdoor run.

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Made in the USA

What We Don't Like

  • Only available in one color
  • Size guide does not rely on band and cup size

BUY: Dream Chasers Tie-Dye Sports Bra

Best Front Zip Compression Bra - Lululemon Enlite Front-Zip Bra

Lululemon Enlite Front-Zip Bra


  • Materials: Nylon and Lycra elastane
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: 32A-40D
  • Closure: Front-zip
  • Colors: Dew Pink, Black, Heritage 365 Camo Mini Deep Coal Multi, Static Rain Dark Cast Black/Black
  • Strap style: Criss-crossed straps
  • Support level: High support


Finding a compression sports bra that truly supports larger breasts and is comfortable can feel like an impossible task. That is, until the release of the lululemon Enlite Front-Zip Bra which many users claim to be a game-changer. This compression bra features a front zip fastening, hidden bra hook, and wide straps with a cross-back design providing extra support for larger-breasted ladies.

The Enlite Bra is made of an ultra-soft and smooth "ultralu" fabric that wicks away sweat, keeps your temperature cool, and limits the movement of your breasts. The lightweight, breathable built-in cups are designed to soften bounce and keep your breasts separated, similar to an encapsulation-style bra. Therefore, it helps you maintain a more natural profile.

Users report that, unlike other front zip bras, the Enlite's fastening does not cause chafing. The zip design makes getting your bra on and off easier. Anyone who has tried to get a tight and sweaty sports bra off after a tough workout understands that pain. Available in sizes 32A through 40D, the lululemon Enlite Bra offers support for all cup sizes. Plus, it makes it much easier to buy the size that will work for you.

What We Like

  • Front zip is comfortable and easy to get on and off
  • Supports high-impact workouts
  • Soft and sweat-wicking fabric
  • Available in regular bra sizes

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Straps do not adjust

BUY: Lululemon Enlite Front-Zip Compression Bra

Best Compression Bra for Bigger Chests - Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra

Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra


  • Materials: 66% Polyamide and 32% Elastane
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: 28D-42 DDD/F
  • Closure: 2 hook-and-eye closure
  • Colors: Black, Blue, and Pink
  • Strap style: Adjustable, U-shaped
  • Support level: High support


Based in the UK, Runderwear is a sportswear company developed by two passionate runners. The quality and durability of their brand make it widely popular in the running world. And true to the brand name, the Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra is a high-quality, supportive, well-fitting sports bra for big-busted ladies.

The Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra features molded, wire-free cups to control movement and an encase wide under-band to maximize support during any high-impact activity. Runderwear boasts that this unique design helps control breast movement across all three body planes—up-and-down, in-and-out, and side-to-side—which is especially important for larger-breasted individuals.

Equipped with breathable, moisture-wicking construction that keeps you dry, comfortable, and cool. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and allow for a more individualized fit. The back of the bra has two hook-and-eye closures for a more tailored fit but can be tricky to get closed. Unlike other compression bras, the Easy-On Bra can help prevent the ever-hated "uni-boob."

What We Like

  • Very comfortable
  • Free shipping
  • Minimizes breast movement across 3 planes
  • Adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closure allows for a customized fit
  • Wide range of sizes

What We Don't Like

  • Reportedly poor customer service response
  • A bit pricey

BUY: Runderwear Easy-On Support Running Bra

Best Compression Bra for Smaller Chests - Under Armour Women's Armour® High Cross-back Zip Sports Bra

Under Armour Women's High Crossback Zip Sports Bra


  • Materials: 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: 32A-42C
  • Closure: 2 hook-and-eye closures and front zip
  • Colors: White/Halo Gray and Black/Jet Gray
  • Strap style: Adjustable cross-back straps with keyhole detail
  • Support level: High support
  • Band and cup size range: AA-DD, 30"-112"


Under Armour apparel is one of the most known brands in fitness clothing. It is known for quality, affordability, comfort, and functionality. The Women's Armour High Cross-back Zip Sports Bra maintains that Under Armour standard by offering strategic, tailored support. The High Cross-back Zip Bra features breathable foam pads, a front zip closure, a lock to keep the zipper in place, and a mesh lining to provide extra ventilation.

In addition, this compression bra features the original HeatGear fabric designed to be super-light, breathable, and fast drying. The hook-and-eye back closure and adjustable straps allow for a custom fit and the four-way stretch material keeps everything contained and comfortable during your workout. So, whether you are gearing up to run, hit the court, or your next HIIT class, the High Cross-back Zip Bra has got you covered.

What We Like

  • Easy to get on and off
  • Affordable
  • Sweat-wicking material
  • 4-way stretch for added comfort

What We Don't Like

  • Zipper causes chafing
  • Only 2 colors available
  • Under arm area constricting

BUY: Women's Armour High Cross-back Zip Bra

Best Compression Bra for High Impact Workouts - Nike Women's Alpha Dri-FIT Sports Bra

Nike Women's Alpha Dri-FIT Sports Bra


  • Materials: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Closure: 2 hook-and-eye closures
  • Colors: Pink Glaze, Particle Gray, Dark Raisin, Archeo Pink, Jade Smoke, Lime Ice, Black/White, and White/Black
  • Strap style: Adjustable cross-back straps with keyhole detail
  • Support level: High support
  • Band and cup range: 27.5"-44.5", A-E


The intention of compression bras is to control the in-and-out movement of your breasts by holding them down against your body during exercise. The Nike Women's Alpha Dri-FIT Sports Bra does just that. Offering the highest level of support, this compression bra fits securely against the body to minimize bounce. It features molded non-removable cups to provide shaping and once again prevent that dreaded uni-boob.

On the front of the Alpha Dri-Fit Sports Bra, there is a bit of ventilation to maintain airflow and keep you cool throughout the toughest workout. And the bonus here is that it adds a bit of style to this design. The adjustable straps and back hook-and-eye closure ensure you are comfortably contained without it feeling constricting.

So, whether you are doubling down on your burpees, training for your next race, or taking an interval-style class, the Nike Alpha Sports Bra will keep your chest in place while maintaining a natural shape.

What We Like

  • Fashionable
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable straps and hook-and-eye back closure to customize fit
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • Ventilated
  • Many colors to choose from

What We Don't Like

  • Users report shoulder straps digging in and chafing even at loosest setting
  • Some reviewers felt it runs small

BUY: Nike Women's Alpha Dri-FIT Sports Bra

Best Everyday Compression Bra - LIT Activewear® Basic Racerback Bra

LIT Activewear Basic Racerback Bra

  • Materials: N/A
  • Fit: Snug fit/Compression style
  • Size range: S-L
  • Closure: Pull-on style
  • Colors: Black, Hazel Blue
  • Strap style: Non-adjustable racerback
  • Support level: High support
  • Bust measurement/Size range: 31"-39"


Love the comfort and security of a well-fitting sports bra to wear when out and about? Sports bras have become a staple not only for workouts but are also a quintessential piece to your athleisure wear for day-to-day activities. So, if you are looking for that staple piece of clothing for your everyday life, take a good look at the LIT Basic Racerback Bra.

This compression bra features a scoop neckline, racerback, and banded hems made from an internal sweat-wicking fabric for those high-sweat areas (ahem, you ladies know what I am talking about). Additionally, it has built-in padding that helps maintain your natural shape while providing enough compression to reduce bounce. The material is super soft and lightweight, and some reviewers felt it was like wearing a second skin.

The versatility of the LIT Basic Racerback Bra is fantastic. It is comfortable enough for everyday streetwear but offers enough support to wear for your next workout. That said, the limited sizing may not suit everyone's needs.

What We Like

  • Comfortable, sweat-wicking material
  • Enough compression for workouts and everyday wear
  • Built-in molded pads that maintain a natural silhouette
  • Affordable

What We Don't Like

  • Limited sizing and colors

BUY: LIT Activewear® Basic Racerback Bra

Best Compression Bra for Cross Training - Reebok PureMove+ Bra Motion Sense™

Reebok PureMove Bra Motion Sense


  • Materials: 73% Nylon, 27% Spandex
  • Fit: Fitted
  • Size range: XS-XL
  • Closure: 2 hook-and-eye closures
  • Colors: Buff, Powder Grey, Black, Poplar Green, Punched Berry, and Instinct Red
  • Strap style: Adjustable convertible straps
  • Support level: High support
  • Band and cup size range: 30"-50", A-F


What if we told you that one bra could detect your every movement and use that movement to customize the level of support? Meaning you could wear the same bra to a hot yoga class filled with inversions or to a CrossFit workout filled with burpees and box jumps, and the support level of your bra adjusts to match the intensity of your workout. You may be thinking, can such a magical bra ever exist? We'll let you in on a secret—it already does.

The Reebok PureMove Bra MotionSense Bra is a uniquely engineered compression bra, composed of a shear-thickening fluid inside the bra that tightens up when you pick up the pace and relaxes when you do. The fabric is super sleek, featuring a racerback shape and perforation on the front for extra breathability and a stylish look. PureMove Bra features thick adjustable convertible straps, a back closure, and extended sizing to ensure a great fit for every body type.

Offering extended sizes ranging from extra-small (A-D) to extra-large (E-F), the PureMove Bra fits most chests. Given its breakthrough technology and overwhelmingly positive reviews, you might expect a higher price point, but Reebok has kept it affordable, making it attractive to a larger crowd.

What We Like

  • Comfortable
  • Sleek design
  • Adapts to support your movement
  • Great for all levels of exercise
  • Available in half sizes

What We Don't Like

  • Some users report it runs small
  • Some reviewers stated it made them sweat

BUY: Reebok PureMove+ Bra Motion Sense™

Why Wear a Compression Bra?

The function of a compression bra is to do what the name suggests, compress. The fabric is designed to compress your breasts against your body and minimize their movement during activities. The most obvious reason to wear a sports bra is comfort (have you ever tried a jumping jack without a bra?). But there are other benefits. Leaving your breasts unsupported during vigorous exercise can, over time, potentially lead to breast damage, along with back, shoulder, and breast pain. Compression bras can help prevent breast tissue damage and potential discomfort in other areas of your body.

What to Look for When Buying Compression Bras?

There are four things to look for when buying a compression bra; design, support, fit, and activity. Some compression bras are pullovers, while others use a hook-and-eye or zipper closure. Additionally, some sports bras have adjustable or convertible straps. Knowing whether you want removable pads, built-in molded padding, or no padding at all are important factors to consider. Ultimately, the design that works for you is personal preference and functionality.

The level of support offered, workout type you intend to do, and overall fit go hand in hand. Yogis may not need high-support compression bras that may feel constrictive when flowing through their yoga movements. However, runners and other high-impact athletes want a high level of support with a snug fit to minimize movement and maintain comfort.

FAQs About Compression Bras

What are compression bras?

Compression bras are fitted sports bras that use compressive fabric to keep the breasts pushed down to minimize movement. Primarily, they prevent in-and-out movement, but some compression sports bras will limit movement across all three planes of your body.

Are compression bras good for you?

The short answer is yes. When you are active, it is important to protect your breast tissue by reducing bounce. That said, it is not generally recommended to wear a compression bra 24/7 (unless directed by a medical professional).

When should you wear a compression bra?

Compression bras can—and should—be worn when engaging in low, mid, or high-impact workouts and activities. Some compression bras have also been designed for everyday use.

How tight should a compression bra be?

A compression sports bra should fit snugly against your body but should not be constricting. A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to insert one finger under the band of your bra. If you can't do that or the straps dig into your shoulders, your bra is likely too small or tight. Conversely, signs that your bra is too loose include breast or back pain and the bra riding up or down mid-workout.

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