Top 5 Women's Running Fashion Trends

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It's pretty much a worldwide fact: women love fashion. From a young age, most of us have enjoyed dressing up in pretty things, and that really doesn't change. From sporty to tomboy to girly, we all love to look great in our own unique way.

As the sport of running has really taken off in popularity over the last few years, so too has women's running fashion. What used to be an old pair of black shorts and your boyfriend's gray Harvard T-shirt has now become an entire selection of women's styles, colors and accessories that will make a statement about your personal style, just like your favorite out?t does. In other words, you can still look like yourself even while you're breaking a sweat.

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Whether you're sporty, quirky, girly or streamlined, there's the right look out there for you. Below are five of the biggest running fashion trends of the day.

1. Running Skirts

It used to be that when it got hot outside you would have no choice but to don either a pair of those 70s style nylon short-shorts, or the all-too revealing compression shorts. Or both together.

While a lot of women still love those choices and look great in them, some of us just aren't comfy running in something that either rides up, reveals too much, or looks hopelessly baggy. Enter the running skirt.

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These velvet-soft wicking fabrics come in an array of colors and streamlined cuts, with compression shorts hidden discretely underneath. Genius. is the front-runner of innovation when it comes to different cuts, lengths and styles of this popular skirt, but you can ?nd running skirts at any athletic store under just about any brand name.

2. Day-Glo

Remember the 80s? Well... the good parts are back. Why wear black and grey when you can glow in the dark? It seems the biggest color trend this year is all about fluorescents.

Everything from shoes, tank tops, headbands, gloves, jackets, is stamped with the brightest pinks, greens, yellows and oranges of your favorite highlighter marker. This trend may not last forever but at least while it does, you don't have to worry about not being seen on your night runs.

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Trisha Reeves is an ultra-marathoner with more than 10 years of running experience.
Trisha Reeves is an ultra-marathoner with more than 10 years of running experience.

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