8 Non-Running Exercises You Can Do on a Treadmill

Billy Polson is a fitness expert and founder of DIAKADI, the largest personal training and lifestyle facility in the Bay Area.

Treadmills are notorious for epic running workouts because that's the purpose of their design. If you've avoided them for that very reason, then get ready to think outside the box, because you can use treadmills for a lot more than just running.

These exercises require a treadmill but don't include any mileage, which means you'll get a full-body workout while also adding variety to your routine.

Tips before you get started:

  • I recommend using a Woodway Treadmill, which is what we used to test these moves, but feel free to try out any model.
  • Make sure the machine is not running and release the emergency clip.
  • If you want an incline, turn on the machine and increase the incline without increasing the speed. Then release the emergency clip. This will keep the treadmill at an incline. 

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