5 Resistance Band Exercises to Prevent Injuries

Most runners know they should strength-train—doing so can correct muscle imbalances to boost performance and prevent injuries. But getting to a gym can be a challenge, and stacking dumbbells in your living room might not be an option. This is the genius of resistance bands. These affordable tools can help you become a stronger runner at home, no space required. Resistance bands can work the major muscles you rely on to run (core, legs, glutes). And because you tend to call upon more stabilizer muscles to keep the bands in alignment, you can recruit more muscles than you might with dumbbells. Do this workout, designed by Janet Hamilton, M.A., a running coach and certified strength coach in Stockbridge, Georgia, twice a week. Begin with two sets of 8 to 10 reps and build up to a set of 25.

Watch our full video of the workout to perform each move with correct form. Photo credit by Mitch Mandel.

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