How to Recover From a Hamstring Strain

Hamstring Strain

The hamstring plays a pivotal role in walking, jumping, running, cycling and swimming. The hamstrings are the powerhouse of your legs. They allow you to bend your knees, straighten your leg and control movement from the hip. A hamstring injury can cause a big disruption in your fitness or training regimen, leaving you on the couch for weeks if not treated right.

What is a Hamstring Strain?

  • A hamstring strain is an excessive stretch or tear to the muscle fibers.

Gentle stretching and light resistance will also help recover your hamstring muscle. Here are two effective stretches you can do at-home.  

Hamstring Stretch

  • Find a wall, pole or doorway.
  • Lay on the floor facing up.
  • Bring the injured leg straight up and rest it against the wall.
  • Your healthy leg is either bent (if using a wall) or straight on the ground if using a doorway or pole. As you gain strength, you can move closer to the wall, pole or doorway.

Hamstring Strengthener

  • Sit on a chair or stool with wheels.
  • Bend both legs.
  • Take the injured leg and straighten it out in front of you with heel staying on the ground.
  • Slowly bend the knee of the injured leg so the chair starts to move forward.
  • Then repeat the movement.
  • Try to move the chair from one side of the room to the other.