16 Most Annoying Things People Do At the Gym

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Everyone has different guidelines when it comes to how they approach their personal fitness, but there are some things people do in the gym that pretty much annoy everyone. 

Who knows? You could be guilty of these gym faux pas and not even know it.

Stealing Machines

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Someone taking a break to get some water does not constitute the right to jump onto their machine (unless they are guilty of hogging the machine).

Hogging the Machines

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There are only so many machines in the gym, and most people tend to stick to the basics so, taking 20 minutes to use one machine is unadvisable. You probably don’t really need that sixth set of lat pulldowns anyways.

Using More Than Two Machines At Once

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Super sets are a great way to incorporate a lot of muscle groups into one workout, but if you’re using more than two machines at once, that’s not going to fly in a busy gym. 


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Most people’s number one excuse for not going to the gym is that they don’t have time. Watching you send a five-paragraph email while sitting on a machine might be the most irritating thing ever.

Talking to People

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Unless we’re best friends, if I have my headphones in, gym time is not social hour.

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