How to Become a Year-Round Cycling Fan

You know those part-time cycling fans: The ones who pop their heads out in the dead sporting months of summer—when basketball, football and hockey are all on hiatus—to catch a glimpse of the frantic sprints and excruciating climbs of the Tour de France. Heck, you might even be one.

They talk the talk and might even cycle the cycle for the 23 days of the Tour. But a nanosecond after the peloton circles the Arc de Triomphe, these fair weather cycling fans toss their helmets in the closet and return to watching Friends reruns until the start of football season.

To these fans, the Tour de France is similar to the Oscars: a must-see event despite the fact that the only movie they managed to catch was The Avengers. With hundreds of millions of people watching the Oscars, only a small portion saw Birdman on the big screen.

You can say the same for the Tour.

Of the 3 billion spectators, a mere fraction could tell you which team Andrew Talansky rides for or the system used to calculate the green jersey champion. This means millions will abandon the sport until the peloton returns to France next July. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Here are six steps you can take to become a year-round cycling fan. But, we must warn you: Your Froome fandom might eat into your sitcom-watching time.

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