Fatigued? The Diagnosis You Might Be Missing

Adrenals and Blood Sugar Balance

Athletes with adrenal fatigue suffer from blood sugar irregularities, often referred to as hypoglycemia. The adrenal hormone cortisol helps keep blood sugar at adequate levels to meet the body's needs for energy.

When your adrenals are fatigued, cortisol drops lower than normal. This makes maintaining proper blood sugar levels more difficult. In order to regain energy, athletes will reach for sugary snacks for a temporary high. This creates a vicious cycle of highs and lows and perpetuates the adrenal issues at hand.

To top it off, low blood sugar is recognized as "stress" to the adrenals. This means that when you eat becomes important as well. Eating natural healthy foods at regular intervals can help to heal your adrenals. Every time your blood sugar gets low, you need to release more cortisol to help normalize it. So part of the treatment is regular doses of healthy nourishing whole foods to maintain blood sugar.

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Adrenals and Mood

Many people with adrenal fatigue appear normal, yet they use coffee or other stimulants to get them "going" and often feel flat and "grey," which they see as normal. Try asking them to quit coffee and they will come up with a million reasons why they can't. Truth be told, they need it.

Those with adrenal fatigue tend to struggle more with anxiety, depression and difficulties concentrating. They also have a lower tolerance in dealing with daily frustrations. If you pay attention to your moods, you'll be able to notice when your adrenals are becoming fatigued.

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Adrenal fatigue can make people appear lazy and to have lost motivation, but oddly the exact opposite is often the case. They have to push through the fatigue and work harder to complete ordinary tasks in order to get through each day. If this you, here's my advice: Be nice to yourself.

Be patient, rather than pushing through. This is not meant to be one more sufferfest. For once, give yourself the rest you need, and trust that with the right rest and nourishment the body can and will heal itself.


A healthy diet is not a fad, but a key to overall health and athletic performance. Neglect your diet and the costs will have long-term effects on many systems in your body. This will mess up not only your cycling, but the overall balance of your physiology.

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