Cheer Stunts: How to Do a Shoulder Sit

Two people are required for this drill, one base and one flyer. The shoulder sit is a basic stunt used for learning proper stunting technique. Fundamentals are as important in cheerleading as in any other sport and doing this drill correctly can solidify positive habits.

The Mount

  • The Base will lunge with her body facing forward and her legs out to the side.
  • The Flyer will place her right foot into the pocket of her bases' leg. The Flyer will then place her hands on the shoulders of her base, using her base to help her stand. The Flyer will then stand up onto the bases' leg, keeping her leg locked and her body tight. She will be standing behind the base, on top of her lunged leg.
  • The Base will support her flyer by reaching her right arm around the flyers leg, pulling down for extra steadiness.
    The Flyer will then swing her left leg onto the shoulders of her base. Once her leg is around the bases' shoulders, the flyer may sit down. For Safety, the flyer must wrap her legs and feet under the arms of her base. She should now be sitting directly on the base's shoulders.
  • The Base will place her hands on the flyer's knees, pulling gently down for added security.

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The Dismount

  • The Flyer will unlock her feet from behind the bases' back, and extend them forward.
  • The Base will then reach under and between the legs of the flyer, grabbing onto the flyers' hands. The Base will then dip down and then up, giving the flyer a pop, and allowing the flyer to dismount. The Base must keep her arms tight and strong in front of her head.
  • The Flyer will place much of her body weight onto the hands of her base. When the base dips up and down, the flyer will be popped up enough to be able to bring her legs behind her torso. She must bring them together again and land on her feet behind her base.

When to Use The Shoulder Sit Stunt

This stunt is great for cheering and that anybody can use. The Flyer can easily and comfortably lead cheers and do motions while in a shoulder sit.

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