24-hour mountain biking: Mud-caked and loving it at Devils Head Resort

24-hour racing is the latest craze in mountain biking  Credit: Courtesy 24 Hours of Adrenalin
Over the past weekend, more than 50 teams competed in the second annual 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Devil's head Resort in Merrimac, Wisc.

The goal of 24-hour racing is to have the most laps completed in the 24-hour period, if a team is tied with the most laps, the fastest time wins.

While there were many familiar faces from 1999, there were equally as many new faces in the crowd who had come out for their first 24-hour event.

One team, the Colorado Sunflowers, came from Frisco, Colo., to take in their first 24-hour team relay. They competed in the five-person, all-female category, but since they only had four women, their dog Maverick was made an honorary teammate and wore a race plate around his neck all weekend.

The event wrapped up between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Sunday. Chris Bogwaedt from Team Free Flight won for the fastest lap: 36:36.

The Colorado Sunflowers won the all-female category as well as the free team entry for the "Best Pit" and "Best Helmet" contest.

In the solo category, Michael Madden from White Bear, Minn., tore up the course, completing 21 laps in 24:31:23. Second place went to Nick Morin from Kalamazoo, Mich., a first-time soloist who completed 19 laps in 24:09:04 and Patrick Irwin, 15 riding for Airborne Bicycles on a single speed took third place.

In the early hours of the event, teams completed the challenging 6.5-mile course between 40 and 60 minutes. Once the rain began to fall, the ground quickly saturated and the course became a mess.

Riders were forced to push their mud-caked bikes uphill on tricky singletrack and rock garden sections. The course was difficult to traverse, as many riders drive trains, shifting systems and brakes were gunked up with mud.

On the course, riders faced either giant mud pits or slick muddy singletrack sections that left most riders walking their bike, which caused lap times to double and triple.

While riders' spirits were dampened by the difficult conditions you could see teams working together to ensure that bikes were maintained and the next riders anxiously waited for their turn to go out and complete another lap for their team.

This year in addition to rain were many new faces from teams such as Deaf Xtreme, a two-person team consisting of two deaf teammates. They placed seventh. This was the first time a deaf team competed so race organizers had to find new ways to provide information to ensure they understood rules and procedures for the event.

Other results

Two-person Division:
1. Two Guys Having Fun, Mineanapolis, 24 laps 23:58:50.
2. LLIKZZUB, Virginia, 24 laps, 24:12 24.

Four-person Division:
1. Team Free Flight, 26 laps, 23:44.
2. Blue Racing 24 laps, 23:47.
3. Endo, 22 laps, 23:31.

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