Phantom Block Drill

A successful block is accomplished when either the ball rebounds off the hands of the blocker and directly back into the opponent's court or deflects off the hands in such a way that the blocker's team may play the ball. Here is a drill you can practice to master blocking and make your team's defense stronger.

Phantom Block

  • Two sides of six players
  • Coach standing on the same side of the net at one of the antennas
  • Coach bounces the ball and the MB and Outside blocker on coach's side make a blocking move-players go to base to read
  • Coach strikes the ball and the two sides play it out
  • Coach then goes under the net and repeats the process to the other side
  • Any number of scoring systems will work, but we recommend wash scoring with the first side to win three straight balls wins

Steve Aird is a volleyball coach at University of Cincinnati. Visit their Web site at

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