Half Ironman Triathlon & Ironman 70.3

Your Guide to Ironman 70.3 Training

Learn more about Ironman 70.3, find tips on half Ironman training, workouts and nutrition tips.

Triathlon Articles & Advice

3 TRX Moves for Triathletes
By Keely Hedges

Working out with a TRX Suspension Trainer can help you strengthen the muscles used in running, cycling and swimming. Try this workout to build strengt

Bike Review: Cervelo R5
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Following the success of the luxurious (and pricey) Cervelo RCA, the popular bike manufacturer looked to slash the price while offering many of the sa

Overweight to Endurance Athlete
By Michelle Valenti

Richard Kalasky was 32 years old when doctors told him he wasn't fit to live in his new home at altitude. Find out how he turned his life around

7 Tips for Tri Newbies
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Triathlon is not as intimidating as it sounds. Start your journey today with these insider secrets.

3 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners
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The kettlebell is a workout tool exploding in popularity...and with good reason. If you're new to kettlebell training, here are three basic exercises

A Brick Workout for Every Distance
By Karen Buxton

Some people love them and some people hate 'em, but all triathletes should do them. Here are 10 bricks to help you prepare for race day.

Are Skinny Triathletes Faster?
By Matt Fitzgerald

The best training approach for fitness-building and the best training approach for fat loss are identical. Too bad most triathletes don't train this w