Half Ironman Triathlon & Ironman 70.3

Your Guide to Ironman 70.3 Training

Learn more about Ironman 70.3, find tips on half Ironman training, workouts and nutrition tips.

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8 Ironman 70.3 Races Debuting in 2014
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The Ironman brand is growing, and with it comes exciting new races. From the United States to Europe to Australia, here are eight new 70.3 triathlons

What Makes A Good Triathlon Runner?
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Even the best runners in the world can struggle in a triathlon run after a grueling bike ride. So what can you do to finish your triathlon strong?

Adventure Race Training Plan: Step One
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Whether you're putting together your adventure race calendar for next year or you're about to sign up for your first one, your base is always your fir

Triathletes: Why You Need a Swim Coach
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If you're looking to shave seconds off your triathlon PR, the swim is typically the first place to look. Here's how a swim coach is the perfect presea

5 IM 70.3 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid
By Kirsten Korosec

Don't let these common nutrition mistakes keep you from the finish line. Learn how your nutrition needs change as you move from Olympic to Ironman 70.