Triathlete's Guide to Winter Base Training

Strength Training

Most of the year, when we're not training, we're trying to recover for the next intense workout or race, leaving little opportunity to strength train in the gym. Being endurance athletes, lots of weight isn't needed, but building muscle over the winter will then allow adaptation come the next phase.

I highly recommend the leg press as it eliminates the stress on the back and targets the quads and hamstrings. Also, reps on the lat and row weight machine will build swim-specific muscles. And don't forget the core. Planks, roman chair and the old fashion sit up will strengthen the mid-section where the power for all three sports is generated.

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During the winter months, get outside as well. There are many gains to be made by going out for a couple hours snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

Enjoy this season and relax. It will help prepare for the upcoming racing season both physically and mentally.

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