A Swim Training Plan for Beginner Triathletes

Wednesday: Speed Workout for Sprint and Olympic Distances

Warm up by swimming 400 yards easy.

Do 50-yard sprints with a 30-second recovery between each sprint. Start with 10 to 12 sprints and try to add an additional 50-yard sprint each week, up to but not exceeding, 18 sprints total.

Swim 100 yards easy.

Do 6 x 25 yards at 45-second intervals; swim at 85 percent max heart rate.

Cool down with 300 easy.

Wednesday: Speed Workout for Longer Distances

Warm up with 300 yards easy.

200 yards pull with buoy, kick 200 yards.

Main Set: start with eight 100-yard sprints with 1-minute rest between intervals, add an extra 100-yard sprint each consecutive week up to, but not exceeding, 16 total sprints.

Cool down with 200 yards easy.  

Friday: Technique

Warm up 300 yards easy.

200 yards drill, 200 yards kick, 500 yards pull with buoy. Try to breathe every three strokes for 100 yards, for the next 100 yards try to breathe every 5 strokes, and then repeat. Also try to alternate sides when taking a breath. The goal is to increase lung oxygen intake and learn how to breathe on both sides.

Cool down with 300 easy.

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Race Week

You'll want to dial it back on race week to maximize your taper. Here are your sample workouts for race week:


Warm up 300 to 400 yards.

Main Set: Eight 50-yard sprints, 30 seconds recovery.

Cool down 300 yards.


800 yards easy swim.

Try this swim training plan, and you'll be ready to perform on race day.

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