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5 Secrets of the Triathlon Swim
By Roman Mica

Don't let your fear of the water keep you from racing a triathlon. Learn the secrets to the triathlon swim with these five tips.

7 Tips for Swimming Newbies
By Nicole Morell

Swimming can help you recover from an injury or smply add a little variety to your typical traiing regimen. Learn seven swimming tips to help you get

5 iPhone Apps for Swimmers
By Ryan Wood

Looking for another way to boost your swimming? Grab your iPhone and download a swimming app--here are five to get you started.

Open Water Swims for Summer
By Michelle Valenti

Summer can only mean one thing for the swimming enthusiast: It's time to hit the open water. So, grab your goggles and celebrate the sun at one of the

Should You Swim With Hand Paddles?
By Frank Sole

Swim equipment can play an important role in a swimmer's workout. One of the most popular tools, however, is also one of the most misunderstood.