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Fresh air, exercise, breathtaking vistas: the benefits and rewards of hiking are endless. This hiking guide will help you gear up, get out, and make the most of your next hiking adventure.

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9 Wisconsin Family Campgrounds
By Jessica Sanders

If you want to get your active family outside, Wisconsin is the place to go. Pitch your tent at one of these kid-friendly campgrounds.

How to Create a Family Camping Menu
By Jessica Sanders

Camping with family is a great time to bond, but feeding everyone can be overwhelming. Use these tips to create a camping menu for your entire family.

Plan the Camping Trip of Your Life
By Christina Scannapiego

Nothing beats picking a destination where you never imagined you'd set up your tent. Here are some ideas that may make your next camping trip your mos

How to Prepare for a Strenuous Hike
By Nicole Morell

Hiking is a great form of exercise and training, but when you've got a long trail ahead, it's important to take steps to conserve energy and hike safe