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Fresh air, exercise, breathtaking vistas: the benefits and rewards of hiking are endless. This hiking guide will help you gear up, get out, and make the most of your next hiking adventure.

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6 Options to Hike New England This Summer
By Christina Scannapiego Active.com

After a long winter freeze, New England finally wakes up. The earth comes alive with lush flora and fauna, winter ski areas become green...it's time f

Where to Go Camping in Indiana
By Michelle Valenti

While better known for its basketball arenas than outdoor attractions, Indiana has plenty in store for camping enthusiasts who dare to explore.

8 Tips for State Park Camping
By Jessica Sanders

Do you know when to make your reservation? Do you know the rules for camping with your dog? Keep these tips in mind on your next state park camping tr

How to Hike Longer and Faster
By Hani Juha

Autumn is the perfect time to learn how to hike longer distances, faster, with the weather cooling off and such gorgeous scenery.