4 Strength Training Yoga Moves

Knee Lift to Lunge

Improves balance and hip mobility; strengthens back

To do: Stand with your feet together. Inhale while lifting your right knee, curling your left arm up, and pressing your right arm back. Exhale and lunge backward with your right leg, as you alternate your arms. Inhale and swing back through to the knee raise; exhale and step to lunge. Do 10 reps; repeat with left leg.

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Warrior III Slow Tips

Builds strength in the glutes, hip flexors, and upper back


To do: Stand with your feet together. Inhale while raising arms to shoulder height in front. Exhale and shift your weight onto your right leg, lean forward and raise the left leg behind you. Inhale and return to standing. Switch legs and repeat; do 10 reps.

(For a complete post-run workout, try some Yoga Poses That Speed Recovery.)

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