Active City Spotlight: Outdoor Fitness Activities to Do in San Diego

With its warm climate and scenic beaches, San Diego is the perfect place to get outside and get fit. But if you're looking for something to do besides running, cycling and swimming, here are some outdoor activities that San Diegans are in love with.


One of San Diego's most beloved sports is surfing, and you can't drive more than a mile along the coast without seeing a cluster of surfers waiting for the next set to start pumping.

Some of the beginner-friendly beaches include Tourmaline (in Pacific Beach), La Jolla Shores and South Carlsbad. You could rent a board and flail around out there yourself, but it's worth the investment to buy a surf lesson. There are plenty of willing instructors up and down the coast.

Also, Oceanside is home to the California Surf Museum, a small but interesting look at the history of the sport.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding

This sport involves super-wide surfboards and a paddle, and is exploding in popularity. Beginners may want to avoid doing it in the ocean as the waves will constantly knock you off balance. Mission Bay and Carlsbad Lagoon are two great places to try out SUP for the first time. Boards are expensive to buy but affordable to rent.


Whether or not kayaking interests you, it's worth it to rent one at La Jolla Shores and take it into the La Jolla Sea Caves. The geology is breathtaking and it doubles as a good workout.

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