3 Reasons to Lift Weights

Contrary to popular belief, weight training is not just for people who want to show off their shapely physiques at body building competitions, or look great on the beach.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of working out with weights apply to all people—no matter what age, gender, shape or fitness level they are in. As case in point, the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability advocates strength training even for people with chronic health conditions, mobility impairments, and any other disability through an online coaching program to help them get healthier.

Ultimately, spending a few hours a week lifting weights can save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on medical bills, not to mention the improved quality of life as a healthier person.

Counteract Age-Induced Loss of Muscle and Bone Density

Getting older does not mean getting weaker or sick even if you continue to exercise on a regular basis, preferably at least three times a week. Since muscle tissue automatically detrophies when not used, staying active is the best natural preventive method against age-related health issues. Strong muscles protect the bones by not only increasing flexibility of the joints and overall balance, but also prevent bone brittleness. As a result, the likelihood of injuries from falling down decreases drastically.

Prevent Weight Gain by Using Your Muscles as Calorie-Furnace

Muscles burn more calories than any other human tissue, even when resting. As such, weight training can help with weight management or even weight loss. Naturally, daily calorie consumption will account for at least 70 percent of the success. On the bright side though, people who work out with weights on a regular basis can afford to consume more food without risking weight gain.

Increase Your Energy and Productivity With a Revved Up Metabolism

Having more muscle mass thanks to weight training increases physical strength and energy levels for daily tasks as the metabolism automatically runs in high gear. Furthermore, feeling less tired and more alert also increases one's mental productivity which is compounded by the release of so-called happiness hormones, also known as endorphines, during moderate to intense physical exercise.

Consulting a medical doctor before starting any new exercise program creates a basis for long-term success by ruling out any pre-existing conditions. Fitness should be fun and relieve stress rather than make life more complicated.

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