Active City Spotlight: Boston

Your Guide to Running, Cycling, Hiking and Getting Active in New England

If you're a history buff with a bit of a running problem, there's no better city to visit than Boston.

Not only is it a running haven, complete with a pretty important marathon every April. But the historical significance of the city, and the sheer number of landmarks that put the birth of the United States into perspective, makes Boston an important piece of Americana.

And if breaking a sweat is your thing, you can combine the two.

Boston's historical relevance is easily accessible for tourists who are also runners, hikers and cyclists. All you need to do is approach Beantown with a plan.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We can help you.

From hiking trails to running routes to the best races in New England, here is an exhaustive list of ideas designed to make your stay in Boston as active as possible—or, if you have no plans, perhaps you'll move "The Athens of America" higher up your to-do list. You won't regret it.

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