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15 Tips for Riding in a Paceline
By John Marsh

At some point, whether you're riding with friends or in the middle of a Gran Fondo, you're going to ride in a paceline. To stay safe and work with the

Can Spin Class Make You Faster?
By Bicycling

Indoor classes like Flywheel and SoulCycle aren't just for SoHo socialites. Here's how spin class might give you performance perks that you won't get

2014 Cycling Spring Gear Review
By Marc Lindsay

While springtime means you'll be able to ride outside more, you'll need to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Check out these 15 versati

11 Cycling Pet Peeves
By Marc Lindsay

We all get annoyed from time to time when we're out on the road. From unruly pedestrians to motorized fat bikes, here are 11 pet peeves that can annoy

5 Core Exercises for Cyclists
By Elizabeth Martin

A solid base that supports your pedal stroke will allow you to ride faster and for greater distances. Try these core exercises to build a solid founda