Leg Day Exercises for Cyclists

Are you not filling out those spandex shorts very well in the quad region? Do you envy the muscular calves of your fellow athletes? It’s time to make some serious gains in those quads and calves of yours.
You might say it doesn’t really matter if you have monster legs or chicken legs as long as you fly down the road and put the proverbial knee on your competition’s neck. But if you are feeling that you lack adequate strength in your lower body, its time to fix that issue and get stronger.  

Strength is your ability to produce muscular force against an external object, for the cyclist that would be the pedal.  The stronger you are the more economical you become, you are now using less energy to spin at 18 mph than you did when you were less strong. 

After you master these exercises, progressively add 1, 2.5 or 5 lbs. each week on every lift until you feel you have appropriate strength for your sport. 

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