5 Race-Day Bike Tips for Triathletes

Anybody can ride a bike fast, right? Maybe, if your name is Lance Armstrong. But for many amateur triathletes, the bike is the most misunderstood part of the race.

Not only do many amateur triathletes get the bike portion of the race completely wrong, but they often never realize it.

So without further ado, here the top five secret bike tips to race like a triathlon pro.

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Drink and Eat on the Bike so That You're Ready for the Run

One of the most common mistakes that many amateur triathletes make is that they don't drink or eat enough on the bike.

Here's the simple rule of thumb to remember: If you wait for the run portion of the triathlon to take in your nutrition and hydration, you're too late. The secret to a fast run is to drink and eat on the bike.

Spin to Win

Almost all professional triathletes use a wattage meter to determine their exact effort (in watts) on the bike. This way they know how much power they are using at any given mile on the bike course, which helps conserve energy. Pros rarely use too much power on the bike, so they have enough energy to race the run.

Don't fret. If you are not a pro and you don't have a power meter on your bike, you can use your heart rate to judge your effort. The higher your heart rate, the more power and energy you are using.

It takes a lot more power to push a big gear than a smaller one. If you are spinning your legs at a relatively high pace, you are not using as much power and energy as when you slowly push the pedals in a big gear. In other words, spin to win.

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