Using The Radar Drill To Improve Shooting Technique

This is a shooting drill we do with our guards. I call it the 'Radar Drill.'

How It's Done

Instead of coming out of the locker room and jacking up shots--get your basketball, stand three feet from the basket and shoot with perfect form over-exaggerating your follow- through. Hold your follow- through until ball hits floor.

Make five shots and back up two steps and repeat until you get to the free throw line. After making five free throws go from elbow to elbow shooting short jump shots. After making 10 from each elbow the player may extend out to the three point line.

Taking It to the Next Level

Next thing we stress to our players: Do you want to be good or great? Do you want to be an individual or part of a team? No one remembers average. Shoot 500 shots a day, keep track of makes and misses and you'll make yourself better by putting in the extra work.

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