Passing and the Wrist

After initiating a pass, you should, at the last possible moment, be able to decide not to pass. This ability makes it very difficult for opponents to intercept passes.

The last possible moment at which you can release the ball occurs when you uncock your wrists. You should, therefore, initiate your pass, whether one-handed or two-handed, with the arms, but actually execute it by uncocking the wrists.

Another advantage to being a wrist passer is that you can release the ball very quickly. Getting a pass off quickly is very effective, particularly in front-court play in which passing lanes are short. A quick pass makes it difficult for defenders off the ball to play deny and help defense.

Consequently, you should learn to hold the ball so that you can release it with wrist action. Check out the tip, the Basic Jump Shot, for a description of how to hold and release the ball. This action is the same for shooting, passing, and dribbling.

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