One of the most comprehensive drills around, one-on-one works on every facet of a player’s game, as well as executing within a highly competitive atmosphere. This works especially well on developing an offensive player’s ingenuity, as he has to attempt to score against two defenders.

How to Play:

It is played exactly the way it sounds: every man for himself. One player starts with the ball, and the other two players guard him. If that player scores, then he goes to the free throw line. If he makes the free throw, then he shoots another one. If he makes the second, then he gets a third, and final, attempt. If he makes the third, then he gets the ball back.

Key Rule:

Field goals count as two points, free throws count as one. If the player misses a free throw, then the ball is fair game for all three of the players, and whoever comes up with it is on offense, and the two without the ball proceed to guard the player with the ball. The first player to get to 21 wins. However, if a player has 20 and misses the free-throw that would give him 21, then his score goes back to 13; this is a rule that places game-time pressure on the player shooting the free throw.

This is a great drill and another wonderful drill to use for conditioning purposes.

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