3 Tips to Help Coaches Get Organized

Feel like your coaching style is a bit disorganized? Here are three easy guidelines coaches can use to bring structure to their team and make gameday run more smoothly.

Why Organization is Important

Sometimes it's not what you tell your players, it's how you carry yourself as a coach. By showing your players that you are organized and well-mannered teaches them more than just how to play baseball.

Tip No.1: Make a Practice Schedule

Always make out a daily practice schedule. Properly label each practice session, drill, task or play that you cover.

Make sure to post this schedule before practice and that each of your assistant coaches have a copy. Stick to it.

Organization is a sign of discipline and also emphasizes the value of practice time. Players pick up on this very quickly.

Tip No.2: Keep Records

Important in long-term practice scheduling. Keep your practice schedules in a folder, in order.

You can then go back to see when you last covered a task or practiced a skill or play. This recordkeeping also makes it easier to make out future practice schedules.

Tip No.3: Learn the Umpire's Name

It is important to build a good rapport with the umpire or umpires working your game. Calling them "blue" often does not help in this endeavor.

I suggest that you address them by their names. I am not good at remembering names so I always write their name in my left palm.

I will always address them by their first name when I ask a question or have conversation between innings.

Nick Dixon is the President and founder of Nedco Sports and also coaches baseball and football at Boaz High in Boaz, Alabama. 

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