Active Family Guide

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Are you a runner? Hiker? Foodie? Team sport fanatic? Whatever your sport of choice is, why not get your family involved? From fun things to do with your kids to nutritious eating, use this guide to create healthy habits and encourage family fitness.

Articles & Advice

The Benefits of at-Home Workouts
By Kathleen Uhran,

You may have a gym and yoga studio membership that you use plenty but sometimes it's just nice to do a kick-butt workout right at home.

3 Phases of Offseason Training
By Coach Al Lyman

There are three primary training periods that make up the offseason/preseason period for triathletes each one building on the one before it. Fin

4 Refreshing Summer Salads
By Judi Sheppard Missett

Fuel up on these meals that are loaded with fresh, seasonal produce, healthy fats and high-quality protein.

March Into Tennis With the USTA

This March, the USTA is making it easier than ever for kids to get involved in tennis. Find out how you can join an event near you.