Using the Bingo Volleyball Drill

Purpose: Teams learn how to gameplan a certain play and focus on what it takes to win the game--as well as having an opportunity to change up regular six on six play.

Set Up: Six on Six - Coaches must make a Bingo card with diffent options in each square. Examples are... ACE, BLOCK, Kill with a quick attack, FBK (first ball kill), Perfect Dig, etc.

The two teams play a regular match but the way they win is to get five in a row on the Bingo card. The card must be big enough for them to see it from the court or have managers yelling to a side about what they need to get to win. You will see your team trying to gameplan a certain play in order to fill their card.

Lisa Marston is the head volleyball coach at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Visit their Web site at

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